Welcome to the Brave New World of SharePoint and Office 365 Development

First the future was full trust solutions. Then it was sandbox and then apps which became add-ins. But this time it’s for real; honest: the SharePoint Add-in model is here to stay – or is it?

In this session we will take a fresh look at SharePoint and Office 365 development and how it continues to evolve with the SharePoint Framework. We’ll talk about the new tools, when to use them, and then take a step back and see how it actually liberates us to build the SharePoint solutions that our users actually want. It’s not so much a new world of the SharePoint Framework so much as a world of applications that use REST APIs to communicate with SharePoint. It’s not so much a re-hash of the web part model – it’s more a discovery of new web component models that deliver composable and re-usable elements.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. Take a fresh look at SharePoint and Office 365 development in the light of the new SharePoint Framework
  2. Learn about new technologies that are changing the wider development world, and how to apply them to SharePoint and Office 365
  3. See how the new tools fit into the broader SharePoint/O365 development toolbox
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