What is an Intelligent Workplace?

Artificial intelligence is just starting to take the workplace by storm. Concepts like Ambient Computing, Big Data, Internet Of Things, Deep Learning, Bots are not only buzz words, but also exciting technological breakthroughs that will soon have a real impact on our daily routines at work.

This session will begin by looking at these technologies to show examples of how they are transforming the workplace and giving “super powers” to organisations and employees. We will continue by reviewing which AI tools are available today in the Microsoft ecosystem, and how to practically apply each technology to make collaboration, communication and Knowledge Management more efficient. We will also review how AI can help streamline business processes.

We will finish by showing some more futuristic scenarios that might become a reality or not (who knows…) but they will definitely inspire you and your team!

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. Get to know the trends of AI for the future of the work
  2. Understand the Microsoft technologies that can make an Intelligent Workplace become a reality today
  3. Plan for AI applications in your Digital Transformation roadmap


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