What’s New with Xamarin: Forms, Azure App Services, Visual Studio and More

This session will cover Xamarin.Forms, which sits atop the Xamarin platform. Specifically, you’ll examine the architecture of a Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms App originating from the Mac Side as the experience is different from a Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Droid & Xamarin.Forms solution. You’ll go into details as to how Views (Controls), Layouts, and Pages are coded to present a usable Mobile App, specifically mixing and matching Navigation Pages, Master Detail Pages, Tabbed Pages and different controls, with Stack Layouts. You’ll also learn how Xamarin integrates seamlessly into Azure workloads such as Azure App Service. This lets you perform CRUD operations to the back end systems through the mobile experience across all platforms.

Benefits of Attending this Session: 

  1. If mobility and apps are important to you, this session leverages core C# skills to do cross platform Apps for iOS Android and WP
  2. Learn how easy it is to create a mobile experience from the Azure Portal with full fledge API and Mobile App Experience
  3. Whats next from Microsoft Acquistion of Xamarin
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