Working with PowerShell, Visual Studio Code and Github for the Reluctant IT Pro

For many years, PowerShell ISE was your editor of choice, source control was something only developers cared about and keeping your meticulously crafted scripts to yourself was not yet frowned upon. Fast forward to 2019: Dark-themed editors and console applications are a thing again and everyone is putting their stuff on GitHub for anyone to see and contribute. It all seems so cool! Not sure where to start?
In this introductory session, we’ll talk about how Visual Studio Code can help you author and debug your PowerShell scripts, and teach you just enough Git and GitHub to be dangerous – and to not embarrass yourself.

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  • Introduction to Visual Studio code for non-developers
  • Learn Git and Github basics to contribute back to the community
  • Modern PowerShell scripting practices you should know
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