Fantastic Tutorials at the European SharePoint Conference 2013

Find out what SharePoint 2013 has to offer, how to get the best out of it, learn how to harness its potential and improve your SharePoint skills by attending the Euopran SharePoint Conference from the 4-7 February 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark. With over 110 sessions and 8 top class tutorials to choose from – making the decision to book is the easy one!

SharePoint MasterClass: Administering SharePoint for Collaboration
Dan Holme, MVP, Intelliem, USA

If you are new to SharePoint, are trying to wrap your head around the massive potential of this powerful platform, or are planning to migrate to SharePoint 2010 or 2013 from previous versions of SharePoint, you’ll be the hero of your enterprise when you bring back the solutions you discover in this fast-paced, full-day workshop.

Dan Holme, a Microsoft MVP for SharePoint Server, will dive deep into the configuration, customization, and management of SharePoint for collaboration. You’ll learn to build SharePoint solutions that address common enterprise challenges, and you’ll be amazed just how much you can do with SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint Server!

Web Content Management for the Internet and Intranet
Daniel Wessels, MicroVation, GmbH, Germany

SharePoint’s capabilities for building internet sites were greatly extended with 2013. There’s a whole new set of features, helping to design and build publishing sites including:

  • Managed Navigation
  • Friendly, multilingual URLs
  • New Product Catalog
  • Content by Search web part
  • Display Templates
  • Design Manager

But these features are not only available for internet sites but also for intranets. During this one-day demo-centric session you’ll see these features in action by building an intranet-oriented catalog.

Understanding, Applying and Enforcing SharePoint Governance
Jeremy Thake, MVP MCT, AvePoint Inc, USA & Randy Williams, MVP, AvePoint, USA

Join Randy Williams and Jeremy Thake, evangelist thought leaders, for a full-day workshop on end-to-end SharePoint governance. The day starts off with a business-centric discussion on governance and covers key elements such as vision, roles & responsibilities, accountability, measurability, and process. We then transition into how information architecture and information management are used to create an enforceable SharePoint service back to the business. Compliance, an essential component to manage and mitigate risks in SharePoint, is introduced to ensure your governance plans address auditing, records management, e-discovery and other legal risks. Randy then introduces the notion of social collaboration and bring-your-own-device policies and how these along with next generation of information workers are changing collaboration patterns and how this shift will influence governance and compliance. Last but not least, we’ll integrate all of the prescriptive guidance learned and apply it to creating a statement of governance that’s presented in case-study exercises.

Real Time Upgrade SharePoint 2010 to 2013
Eric Harlan, Microsoft, USA

It is one thing to watch a one-hour session on the theory of upgrade, it is entirely another thing to watch it done in real time. In this all day session, we will walk through doing actual content and service application upgrades. We will cover real scenarios in real time and how to approach each one. The upgrade model has changed in 2013, be prepared when it is your turn to upgrade.

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Architecting the Optimal Enterprise Search Strategy
Agnes Molnar, MVP, BA Insight, Hungary

SharePoint has always had a big emphasis on Content Management. This focus has been getting stronger version by version, as has the focus on Enterprise Search. We’ve had more and more options to organise and classify content through sites, lists, libraries and folders, as well as managed metadata and other properties. These tools help build a SharePoint Information Architecture and are the foundation for improving document search within SharePoint.

But as that architecture gets more complex, users can leverage Enterprise Search features to improve document findablity and to make the search button more powerful than ever. In this session, I will demonstrate how Search Services really work and how to create the most effective Search Solutions within SharePoint. Attendees will learn how to build a bridge across content silos and provide familiar, ergonomic and easy user experience for content stored in SharePoint.

Building Apps for SharePoint
Lieven Iliano, U2U, Belgium

SharePoint 2013 introduces a new extensibility model. Developers can now build apps for SharePoint. Apps don’t live in SharePoint, they execute outside SharePoint in the context of the browser or on a remote server. SharePoint users will be able to discover and install apps easily by using the SharePoint Marketplace or the corporate Catalog. This new model opens up new opportunities for developers. This full day tutorial, targeting SharePoint developers, will teach you how to develop apps. You will discover every aspect of designing, developing, securing and deploying SharePoint apps.

Enterprise SharePoint Development
Wouter van Vugt, MVP, Code Counsel, Netherlands

In this session, you will learn how to structure your SharePoint development process to allow multiple teams to work on shared components without hindering each other. Learn how to deploy and upgrade components in environments where you as a team cannot be sure of the versions of installed ‘stuff’ coming from other teams. Get some insight on how to structure Team Foundation Server and your automated build. Learn how you can trace each installed component from production back to development, to allow you to reproduce production issues. After visiting this session, you will have many new ideas for improving your development life-cycle.

SharePoint 2013 Workshop for Developers
Sahil Malik, Winsmarts, USA

Join us for a full day of SharePoint 2013 goodness. SharePoint 2013 has some remarkable improvements as compared to SharePoint 2010. This day covers what you need to know about SharePoint 2013 as a SharePoint 2010 or 2007 developer. It covers what you need to know as an ASP.NET developer to get a quick on-ramp to SharePoint 2013. It covers a good overview of lot of what is new in SharePoint 2013.

Cherck out our full conference programme here>>

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