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March Top SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Picks

Each month ESPC gather top SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure resources from leading experts from around the community. Check out this month’s most popular webinars, blogs, eBooks and videos below. Don’t forget to LOG-IN TO OUR RESOURCE CENTRE or SIGN-UP FOR UPDATES on the latest news, views and analysis from the SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure community.


How to Migrate Azure PowerShell from AzureRM to the new Az Module

In December, Microsoft released version 1.0.0 of the new AZ MODULE. Az is a cross-platform PowerShell module to manage resources in Azure that is compatible with both Windows PowerShell and POWERSHELL CORE. READ MORE

Fun with Azure Automation and Table Service REST API

Azure Automation is for scheduling tasks or scripts that run on some sort of schedule and is especially useful for any automation you might be doing with Office 365. Your code is stored in a Runbook (PowerShell or Python) and executed according to a schedule. Interacting with modules is a little different to working with your local PowerShell installation, however the MODULE GALLERY MAKES IT PRETTY SIMPLE.  READ MORE

The 9 Knights of Azure: Services to Get you Started  

Azure is huge and the SSW guys all have different expertise in Azure. I was able to take our combined years of knowledge and put together a keynote that showed off the 9 best parts of Azure.

Right now Microsoft lists more than 600 Azure services, and the volume of choice can feel overwhelming.

To help you out, I’ve narrowed down a list of my top 9 Azure services you should be using. READ MORE


Stream Analytics with Microsoft Azure CH 1 & 2   

Develop and manage effective real-time streaming solutions by leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure. Download this exclusive excerpt from the book Stream Analytics with Microsoft Azure by Anindita Basak, Krishna Venkataraman, Ryan Murphy, Manpreet Singh.

Microsoft Azure is a very popular cloud computing service used by many organizations around the world. Its latest analytics offering, Stream Analytics, allows you to process and get actionable insights from different kinds of data in real-time. DOWNLOAD NOW

4 Tips To Get C-level Support For Your Workflow Automation Projects –

Imagine that a brilliant idea for a business-changing project strikes. You have carefully examined its value, realize its potential, and you’re determined to bring it to life. Then reality hits: a lack of budget, support, time, or resources, you name it. As a result, your innovative idea never sees the light of day. Sound familiar? If the answer is Yesthis e-book will be a real game-changer! Learn these 4 proven tips to maximize your chances for a green light from C-level management for your workflow automation projects. DOWNLOAD NOW 


Do more with SharePoint by leveraging unstructured data

Whether ingesting content as part of a migration or managing data for business as usual, getting the most from your SharePoint environment is critical. This means having high quality data that is classified, searchable and ready for fuelling business intelligence and process automation. However, attempting to manually enrich and categorize the vast amounts of data your organization generates is not realistic given the sheer volume of time, money, and resources required. WATCH NOW

Key benefits of watching:
– How to improve data quality and accessibility in SharePoint
– How to ingest data from multiple sources into SharePoint
– How to improve the value of data in SharePoint by removing Redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) data

Webinar in German 

Risiken und Chancen der künstlichen Intelligenz im Digital Workplace

Künstliche Intelligenz wird eines der Top Themen in 2019 und wird schneller als wir denken Einzug in den digitalen Arbeitsplatz finden. Bild- und Texterkennung, automatische Übersetzungen, Datenanalyse, Bots und auf unser persönliches Verhalten angepasste Assistenten sind nur einige Aspekte dieser Entwicklung. Die Tools sind heute schon vorhanden und werden die Technik, die wir heute nutzen, in den nächsten Jahren radikal verändern. Gut – weil sie uns helfen produktiver zu arbeiten. Schlecht – weil diverse Risiken damit verbunden sind, deren Auswirkungen wir gar nicht abschätzen können. Ich gebe einen Überblick, viele Beispiele und einige Denkanstöße, wie man sich darauf vorbereiten sollte. WATCH NOW.

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