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February Top SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Picks

Each month ESPC gather top SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure resources from leading experts from around the community. Check out this month’s most popular webinars, blogs, eBooks and videos below. Don’t forget to LOG-IN TO OUR RESOURCE CENTRE or SIGN-UP FOR UPDATES on the latest news, views and analysis from the SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure community.


Channel vs Chat? When to use what in Microsoft Teams                                                                                                                                                                            

Most Microsoft Teams Users struggle to know when to a channel or chat in Microsoft Teams. This post will give you guidance on what to use when, including what should go into a channel and what should go into a conversation.

Summary of some important features:

  • Channels are public to the team, conversation are private to their members.
  • A Channel message do not notify users by default, conversations do.
  • Chat history is shown automatically in a channel and optionally in a conversation.
  • Channels support more apps interactions. Both supports tabs where applications go, but channel have more application such as planner and many other connectors, bots and teams meeting recorded as video in Stream. READ MORE 

How to make a PowerApps Activity Feed via SharePoint Search–Part 3

This is the third article in a series of posts that describe how to make a PowerApps-based activity feed based on SharePoint search results. This post covers creating the custom connector and testing in PowerApps. READ MORE 

Talking to your Security Team about PowerShell and dbatools 

Last year, during our PASS SUMMIT and SQL BITS precons, we highlighted the reasons that PowerShell is even more secure than GUI administration. Recently, our team had a DISCUSSION about security in #DBATOOLS-DEV and I realized I should probably highlight why PowerShell and dbatools are ideal for every organization, including security-minded organizations. If you’re questioned about PowerShell or dbatools, here are some handy facts to help prove we can help make your administration more, not less, secure READ MORE


Deploying Your First Azure Virtual Machine with Azure PowerShell 

Download Deploying Your First Azure Virtual Machine with Azure PowerShell by 25+ year veteran of the IT industry, Thomas Mitchell. The content of this eBook has been excerpted from the book, entitled “The Azure PowerShell Quick Start Guide.” By following the exercises in this eBook, you will learn how to perform some basic PowerShell-based VM deployment tasks. You’ll learn how to install and configure Azure PowerShell, how to connect to Azure with PowerShell, and how to deploy your first virtual machine in Azure with PowerShell. You won’t become an Azure PowerShell “guru” by reading this eBook, but you will finish with a skill that many IT professionals do not possess. DOWNLOAD NOW

SharePoint Online Essentials eBook

SharePoint Online Essentials gives an overview of the features that users should understand to be able to work efficiently in Office 365 SharePoint. It is written by Microsoft certified SharePoint expert and trainer Peter Kalmström, who has published several books on SharePoint and Office 365 features. SharePoint Online Essentials describes the modern as well as the classic interface and explains how to share information and use lists and libraries. There are also step by step descriptions on how to build modern team and communication sites. DOWNLOAD NOW


How To Get started with PnP PowerShell 

Join Erwin van Hunen, MCM, MVP, Rencore, Sweden as he demonstrates how to get started with PNP Powershell WATCH NOW 


Cosmos DB: Jack of All Trades, Master of Many 

How would it look if you were building a wish list for an imaginary database; turnkey global distribution, 5 well-defined consistency levels, SLAs across 4 dimensions (High Availability, Performance Latency, Performance Throughput and Data Consistency), Schema-agnostic automatic indexing, Key-Value, Tabular, Document, Graph, Relational Data Models, MongoDB, Gremlin, T-SQL API support… Did we go too far? Not really. So far we have just listed some of the features of Cosmos DB. Come and join me to take a closer look and see if it is all blue skies, or maybe not? WATCH NOW 

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