February’s top SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure resources

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This Month’s Top Blogs

Theodore – A bot for creating a team in Microsoft Teams

Running those cmdlets in an Azure Function creates some nice options in terms of creating a team in Microsoft Teams (still, the wording is just awkward). I’m sure you read about all the governance discussion that services like Teams or Groups start in each environment. Only with proper tooling, you can manage the process of orchestrating your different collaboration features in Office365. To take this idea to the next level, what about using a bot in Teams to handling a users request of creating a new team. – Read more

Using the OfficeDev PnP PowerShell Cmdlets for both on-prem & in the cloud

The Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices PowerShell Cmdlets turn out to be lifesavers for many people. They easily allow you to create artifacts in your SharePoint sites, like lists, fields, etc. without needing to click around or write a complex C# application.

The PowerShell Cmdlets come in 2 versions: one for Office 365 and one for on-prem. The reason for this is that the CSOM SDK, which the cmdlets use behind the scenes, also come in two versions.

There are two installers available, but when you install them both, only one set of the cmdlets seem to be loaded when you open PowerShell. Why? – find out here.

How to approve assigned workflow in SharePoint 2013

A step-by-step guide from Prem Kumar on how to approve a assigned workflow and workflow in document library in SharePoint 2013 – Read more



This Month’s Top eBook

Troubleshooting SharePoint

Troubleshooting SharePoint

Troubleshooting SharePoint

In this chapter, Least-Privileged SharePoint Builds from the new book Troubleshooting SharePoint by Stacy Simpkins, you’ll be introduced to least privileged SharePoint Builds. It is important to understand the components of a least privileged build as this aids in troubleshooting the odd behaviours that can arise when builds that were once least privileged have been modified. Least privileged SharePoint Builds follow the best practice recommendations of Microsoft and as a result offer better performance.

Read more



This Month’s Most Popular How-To Video

How To Brand SharePoint Online Modern Sites

In this How To video we will learn how to change the default colour setting in SharePoint Online Modern Sites. The video is presented by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, Executive Director, Origami Connect who is a Published Author, Speaker and Microsoft MVP. Watch now


This Month’s Top Webinar On-Demand

SharePoint Framework, Angular & Azure Functions: The Modern SharePoint Developer Tool Belt

Things are moving fast. In a Mobile-First, Cloud-First world, things are changing to a crazy pace. By staying up to date, you will give yourself new options that will let you be more productive, write better code and push you in a more open and more collaborative world. With the official shipment of Angular and the current release of the SharePoint Framework, it is now the time to start moving towards those modern technologies in your SharePoint Solutions. In this session, we will cover the modern tool belt of the SharePoint developer by covering the SharePoint Framework as the new surface to express yourself, Angular as a Framework to enable you to build complete applications within your SharePoint modern experiences and Azure Function as the perfect server-side companion for all your Office 365 & Azure development. Watch now


GDPR Resource Centre

6 Steps to Prepare for General Data Protection Regulation


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