Five Twitter Accounts to Follow

Follow! Follow! Follow!

So many great folks in the community! Here are five people I go back to over and again.

• @sympmarc (Marc Anderson) – Marc is the creator of the SPServices library for SharePoint and one of the most knowledgeable experts on SharePoint development, especially with jQuery and client side code.

• @sharepointlhorn (Jason Himmelstein) – Jason’s a fantastic source of detail on using Microsoft business intelligence solutions with the SharePoint platform, as well as PowerShell.

• @toddklindt (Todd Klindt) Hails from Iowa, and is the most reliable source of information for the SharePoint architect and admin (more than me!)

• @andrewconnell (Andrew Connell) AC has forgotten more about SharePoint development than you will ever learn. Don’t bet against him, especially after 11pm.

• @jennifermason (Jennifer Mason) Mean, surly, uninformed (sorry, reading my own session evals!) One of the kindest and smartest folks connecting real world business needs and no code solutions on SharePoint today

• And I’d mention @buckleyplanet @rizinsights and @jthake (Christian Buckley, Eric Riz and Jeremy Thake) again, but you’ve already heard about them, right?

For more expert advice from Chris, why not download his ESPC14 presentation  ‘What’s your Social IQ? Succeeding with SharePoint Social’ .

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