Geo-Replication, Improving Branch Office Performance

There are many uses for having a number of SharePoint farms within your organization; Geo-replication is the most common distributed enterprise SharePoint solution scenario. Geo-replication refers to the replication and synchronization of SharePoint structure, content, metadata, security, workflows and decisions from a SharePoint environment running in one part of the world (headquarters or a central command) to one or more SharePoint environments operating in several different locations around the world.

Organizations looking to synchronize all or part of their SharePoint content across some or all of their multiple SharePoint farms are often in need of a Geo-replication solution. Geo-replication allows for the deployment of multiple SharePoint farms at locations that are closer to the end users.

Most often WAN bandwidth, latency and reliability issues are the main reason for distributed SharePoint environments. For example an engineering team at a remote construction site may have need of fast access to a large variety of business process documents, and potentially very large drawing files. In this scenario geo-replication allows the team to have access to larger files, without stalled access and downloading times, while using less data and bandwidth. Using less data and bandwidth allows your organization to maintain affordable costs while continuing to function at its fullest.

Communication is also improved with geo-replication, a key component in ensuring the continuity of operations. In a battlefield scenario, communication between command headquarters and remote SharePoint deployment farms is key for success and safety. However, connectivity may be limited by slow or unreliable WAN connections; here geo-replication is able to maintain a steady flow of communication, ensuring full functionality.
For these distributed SharePoint scenarios to be effective, they need to efficiently support near-real-time (NRT) document-level replication, and software or hardware compression including Remote Differential Compression (RDC) as key requirements. All of which Syntergy Replicator for SharePoint provides, ensuring that the content and communication required for the continuity of operations is available at all times and at all levels of bandwidth and latency.

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