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Okay good morning good morning hello I think we’re first today on the livestream right. Yes we’re first. We are here at European SharePoint office 365 and Azure conference in Prague Czech Republic this year and this is the last day of a very very very good conference this year. I agree and so I’m Heather Newman community reporter and this is hey I’m Adis Jugo chief strategy officer of SysKit and founder of European collaboration summit. Absolutely and Microsoft Rd and MVP yes. Yes so all the things. Yeah somehow.

So what were you doing here at the conference? What I’m doing here in the conference I’m having today actually only one of last let’s talk about enhancing SharePoint metadata with automatically enhancing your SharePoint metadata using the azure cognitive services. Basically letting Azure recognize what do you have in your SharePoint and try to make a bit of sense out of your Road data to get some method it’s a besties problem we have been trying to solve since 15 years range SharePoint world as you know very well yes so now we have actually first party solution for that and whoever is interested in this kind of stuff my sessions two o’clock I have no idea where my room is. But Syskit it’s gold sponsor here we have very nice merry sharepoint lounge for who wants little bit of Christmas feeling here a while in Prague. Come to the syskit booth. Yeah there’s gingerbread cookies over there seriously ridiculous plus we are kind of pleasant there’s the the your next to Rencore with the pretzel that’s kind of exciting yeah but they’re Germans. We and Rencore this is why having booth together.

So you’re a bit of a governance guru. Thank you very much I’m trying good my best to keep up in this space. Oh yeah right with the main changes although I am coming from the development background so I’m still in my soul very developer however trivia was still one of my most read blog post is one which I’ve wrote 12 years ago about using code either c-sharp or partial to manage SharePoint permissions automatically. 12 years ago and this is still this is still I still like having like 200 clicks per day on that thing believe it or not it’s it’s insane because nothing has changed in that space actually it is part. So yeah bye while I am developer and proudly so yeah I was always working basically on the larger customer enterprise project in the space of how actually to make it all manageable and how to make it all sustainable yeah.

So as far as somewhat so I guess the thing would be is if someone’s thinking about governance maybe they start with that blog post. And they should go to Syskit because we know what we are doing okay. It’s shameless plug.

You became Regional Director this year is that right. Yes this is my first year as Regional Director and what so for where what there is no reason this is one of the one of the famous misconceptions conception has nothing to do with regions it’s just a very interesting naming convention from Microsoft not that we would totally shocked today Microsoft have interesting from the naming convention something that it wasn’t this is maybe that was in the original idea back 90s when the whole program has started right but right now they just try to gather kind of a group of influential people who are representing Microsoft to outside but also giving feedback positive as well as negative to the inside. It’s a great program for one thing because it’s a direct rocket to all microsoft executives right that’s nice that’s that’s conduit they are answering I can answer that I have kept the CDP’s answering my questions and especially signal for inside two hours time frame. Wow this is this is something that Microsoft commits with that program and this is actually the the internal feedback and the external representation is what you what Microsoft should expect from the program and whilst we are trying to deliver as RD. Well I learned something today I did not know that about the Regional Director program that it wasn’t about the region so that’s awesome thank you for that. Maybe you didn’t know that either. Then again my region will be Germany.

Speaking of regions and all of that you also are the managing director I believe for European collaboration summit yeah we talked a little bit about that coming up next year and maybe a little bit of the history of that I know lots of people go to that show and know it and love it but not everybody does. Yes I was actually we had a quiet glass of wine few weeks ago my colleague friend and co-founder Toni Franco myself thinking how did they come from a crazy idea back in 2011 okay summary on smoke of an croatian coast to the conference the tea last year cat 2140 people. Wow 78 Microsoft MVP’s presenting there and officially the largest Microsoft community initiated event in the world. Wow yeah 2100 people it’s it however party became my second job in the times of in the times of time invested because we are doing it pro bono none of us is leaving our comfort if you want to earn this it’s obviously this is our community investment is our community commitment but the 2000 people it’s just gets different dimensions yeah although perspectives so it’s fun for the next year we already have 1300 registered attendees and the conference is seven seven months away tend to eighth to tenth of June in Wiesbaden which is basically suburb of Frankfort yeah so it’s a Frankfort fan for the second largest airport in Europe and everybody flies to Frankfort and the venue is literally 20 minutes 20 minutes train ride from from from the. You’ve been in the venue how many years now? This is now the second year be there three years ago we were in in the venue just across the Rhine River in Meinz but that’s when I became too small we had to change change the river bank right to go to the wrong River branch bank but still the venue was good. So what’s wait what’s the wrong versus the right riverbank because mine’s is about Germany mine’s is the capital of the Rhineland palette the province better I leave it so this is the right side and the visible is capital of Hessan province which is obviously the wrong size. Hessan is one of the central provinces in Germany. I love Frankfurt I flew through there and I ran through the airport to get to Prague running through Frankfurt Airport is all by fun I can tell you that I’ve been doing this more than about yeah. So so you’re planning for that and it not only is it a community event and it’s you know everybody does it you know for gratis they’re not getting paid but the ticket prices are really low. Yes our ticket prices we do try because even as a community events we would cost so we need to pay this beautiful shiny venue so we try to motivate everybody to to register as early as possible. Early bird special we just called we just gave our stage so basically people will be getting there for 200 euros yeah it’s a three days conference for 200 euros right with 140 speakers I don’t think you can get any very much more the money.

And you know I wanted flip back to because I haven’t been to your conference yet but that might change that’s going to change but thank you for telling us all about that because it’s got such a beautiful reputation people seem good and obviously people more and more people are coming all the time this was John White and he was doing John Whitey’s stuff on the way.

What was that show we were just all that ignite and hearing all of the new Azure announcements and I was really excited about the azure arc and some of that stuff that’s coming out what did anything resonate for you that you were like oh that’s super cool and I like yes because he immediately took Azure out of our conference almost always your content tell you that so we realized that the whole Azure part is so strong that it’s going to be under represented and the representative we just merge to the microsoft 365 content okay so in September we are starting a spin-off a totally new project called the European cloud summit. Colour change from the ECS magenta to cloud summit blue. Wow and we already have big announcements to make regarding keynote speakers and everything and we are working very closely with Microsoft Azure product group on that one which is which is really cool. I mean this is this is a video get this feeling okay these people who don’t actually want you to do that they are doing everything to be with you on that one and that this is this is something which is really which is really great.

You know it’s open source and it’s also just you know recognizing that people have things that aren’t Microsoft products and why not be able to manage them and take care of them in one place that’s perfectly fine yeah absolutely well you we bring into the into the conference project cortex and some of that as well we will I have been seeing a lot of these sessions submissions for collab summit cryptical submissions you know which are which I mean I had to laugh because I was one of the as part of the Project Cortex in the A group but now you say I see people changing their session descriptions proudly including project cortex with the titles and abstracts and everything.

So go back to your origin story first image where did you grow up and I know you’ve been in the business a long time like where like where exactly so I I grew up in Boston capital. So I’m Boston by background but through my personal story my wife is German we moved to Germany in 2008 so I have founded a company with few other few other colleagues and friends in early 2000 mix Boston German company German company to be so I changed inside my company in 2008 just switched from Sarajevo to Frankfurt to the headquarters and I sold my parts there in 2010 since 2010 I was for a long time independent now I joined this beautiful crew of Syskit it there I remember at 10 or 11 years ago when Tony was telling me and founding a company I don’t know what I am doing. 11 years later im working with him there so you know like what exactly do you do so [Music] people about.

Tell everybody about it. Syskit it is something which is I’m not a sales person I’m not a marketing person so we are not sexy okay but everybody needs us it’s like there are all those sexy new shiny products sharepoint lookbook sexiest girl I think you’ll all agree oh that’s right since cute everybody needs we we there we got famous for our SharePoint documentation talk with SP dodge get in the on premises times. I sometimes sudden I think I don’t know person who is not using it so what we are doing now and those we had the presentation yesterday here ESPC was the Syskit point is our unified platform for managing and governing everything microsoft 365 including sharepoint online including teams including groups power platform coming in a very soon future we were the first one to support private the managing of the private channels inside the teams and it’s really one big all-in platform which we hope that you need when you want to manage your talents. So there we have been working for the past 12 months on it to be are very proud of what we did so two weeks ago because our internal cycles but we made the first big buzz here you kind of get things ready for like and then two weeks more and then you bring it to the show people having champagne and everything so it was thank you ESPC for giving us this opportunity to do this as a Syskit.

Yeah absolutely we’re doing hand signals over here of like timing and stuff and we yes Shane is kind of giving us really really bad looks. So what’s next for me after this is the four weeks break not only in conference play but also privately just to recuperate this today now is going to be my last session of the decade. It’s crazy yeah but before we close this I would really really like to thank Shane Tracy and all of these lovely people for putting ESPC together great work and great conference. I have nothing else to say. Yeah absolutely well here’s to you ending your decade with a bang and as lovely as you usually are. Thank you thank you this guy right he’s so great. Adis Jugo.  Heather Newman yes ESPC19.

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