Latest Version of HiSoftware Security Sheriff Launched

At the European SharePoint Confernece last month HiSoftware announced the release of Security Sheriff™ SP Version 3.0 for SharePoint. It marks a significant step forward in helping organizations to ensure SharePoint content security, encryption, tracking and asset management.

I’ve said on this blog before, but I’ll say it again. The best thing about SharePoint is you can put anything in it, and the worst thing about SharePoint is you can put anything in it. Organizations can now balance an increasingly social collaborative environment with the requirements of organizational security. Security Sheriff SP v. 3.0 resolves the content issues through metadata-driven, item-level security to secure sensitive content in SharePoint in accordance with polices. Organizations can collaborate with confidence to leverage their SharePoint investment and mitigate risk.

Our solution is unique because it handles security and access at the document level using our secure metadata process within SharePoint. This enables organizations to ensure that only authorized personnel, not even site administrators unless required, access individual documents regardless of where those assets reside.

Read more about the latest release of Security Sheriff SP.

HiSoftware were Silver Exhibitors at ESPC 2013. For more SharePoint content check out our resource centre from SharePoint specialists!

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