How Microsoft Teams solve collaboration needs?

Every organization has goal to achieve sustainable business outcomes and keep inclusive growth to do so, one of the important aspects is Team collaboration, without employee collaboration organization will not successes in their goal that’s why the collaboration is the important. Now you know why collaboration is important, but question is how you will improve the collaboration and communications experience for your employees and teams because fundamentally every employee has different way of working and they have their own working style, since we are dealing with different style and ways, normally takes more than one product or experience to improve collaboration and communication for employees and teams.

There are other challenges as well, like resistance of change, culture differences, Consistency, motivation/trust, Disconnected applications and disrupted communication experience are the big hurdle to efficient team work collaboration and ultimately effects employee productivity and performance which is not good for any organizations growth. This article provides complete details on why collaboration needed and how Microsoft Teams assist for collaboration needs.

Microsoft Teams provides unique solution to solve collaboration needs which improves the efficiency of the business processes and improved employee engagement. Microsoft Teams is the chat-centered workspace that is integrated with Office 365. It gives teams instant access to everything they need in a dedicated hub for teamwork where chat, content, people, and tools live together in Office 365. Teams, in combination with Office 365, creates a hub for modern collaboration and effective teamwork. It empowers employees to engage with the business and each other in a way that transforms their business for the better.

Microsoft Teams made possible to access communication and collaboration tools from range of device including Windows, Macintosh, portable devices and even through web client without any installation. Since Teams client available for all device that kind of access allows people in an organization to be connected no matter where they are.

All these clients give consistent experience while providing range of features like, persistent chat, content access, audio/ video calls, meetings, inbound and outbound calls, application sharing and file access.

Unified experience: To have unified experience collaboration or communications /telephony services now need to work together to deliver an integrated experience. Microsoft Teams does that by providing audio/ video call and meeting using Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) as traditional incoming and outgoing call together. Microsoft Teams is merely integrating of a wide range of products that offer a consistently unified user-experience across multiple devices.

Team work: Through team work employee generates more ideas and feel more connected to their work which improves engagement. However, as teams plan to work together there are challenges in team collaboration plus now days employees are increasingly using portable devices and need to have resources and tools available wherever they go. Microsoft Teams has range of features which meet the needs of this changing modern workplace, Teams was built as a chat-based work-space in Office 365, with persistent chat, audio/video call, meeting, easy file access, customization and extensible features, during the meeting team members can also share information through audio and video conferencing. Team members can plan for private meetings, scheduling through calendar planning, all of this with the security that teams trust.  Microsoft Teams ensure organization data and information is secure from unauthorized access. Information and data security are key in project success and Teams also ensuring the organization has a competitive edge in the market.  

Employee engagement: The employee engagement is essential part of collaboration. Engagement is about integrating Teams into your employees modern workplace in a way that increases collaborative productivity. Microsoft Teams offers practical resources, training, guidance, and tools to increase engagement and encourage effective use of Teams.

Microsoft Teams provides virtual engagement which is another method that will used to solve collaboration problems, previously teams have to appear physically in meetings. Virtual engagement however makes it possible for team members to meet online even from different continents. Team members have few physical meetings and spend more time running company errands in their respective teams while they are based abroad. Team understanding and cohesion is also key in solving collaboration needs, previously teams were formed depending on area of specialization, now teams will be formed based on diversity and ability of members to work together while they are productive at the same time.

Modern Work place: Most of the employees are oppose for change however Microsoft Teams has variety of training opportunities and adoption resources that educating employees through change management process to ensure they utilize teams in the work place. Teams is more than a product and it is a fundamentally different way of working. Here are the few different ways of working using Teams.

• Use chat instead of email- Move away from email as a primary method of communications for fast-moving teams and project management.

• Live in the cloud- Use all Office 365 components in the cloud.

• Embrace flexibility- Empower them to embrace the flexibility of Teams for customization.

• Work mobile – Help people to work in whatever way and place suits them best.

Collaborate with Confidence: Any team victory facilitates sustaining momentum and motivation in team work. Whereas breaking down barriers that hinder team work drives teams to working better. Team members feels smart when they deliver in a project it will reduce team division and increase collaboration. Team acknowledgement gives positive reinforcement in the team for better future work together. Microsoft Teams keep track on every activity happening in team which allows team owner to find every small or big victory which can get acknowledged. Apart from that, team owner can add channel just for team celebration where they can acknowledge and celebrate every work that improves the motivation for members and ultimately it helps in achieving team goal. Teams is integrated into Office 365, which means it features the enterprise-grade security and compliance that any organization.

As conclusion, Microsoft Teams has capabilities which helps in team collaboration because it has not only set up team collaboration mechanisms but also brings together apps, communication and collaboration tools, and shared spaces that team needs.

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