How to empower your Office 365 Corporate Intranet with Halvotec Apps

Since SharePoint version 2016 – and 2019 at the latest – as well as in Office 365, there is a new kind of intranet solution. The so-called Modern Experience offers companies a digital workplace in responsive design with many new functions. With out-of-the-box apps, it is possible to quickly and easily extend the scope of SharePoint standard services with very little effort. The modules are based on many years of project experience to provide much higher efficiency in your daily work with SharePoint and Office 365.

With the help of Halvotec apps, you can quickly and easily expand the functions of your portal. All apps can be flexibly combined to expand your SharePoint environment individually and bypass existing restrictions in SharePoint Online.

Your benefits with Halvotec apps at a glance:

1. Modern & classic experience

Halvotec apps operate in both SharePoint user interfaces. Thus, portals built in the classic experience can be easily migrated to modern portals at a later stage.

2. Usability & efficiency

All Halvotec apps are similar in structure and user interface supporting editors in their daily work. In order to make the application even more simple, predefined editorial forms are available. For example, images can be adapted to the required specifications directly after uploading with cropping function or multilingual content can be created with very little effort.

3. Consistent look & feel

With our layout designs, the intranet of your company remains unified and clear. These layouts are adapted to your requirements and can be designed according to your CI specifications

4. Multilingual & target group specific

Halvotec apps support multilingualism, therefore editors can easily and clearly set up information in different languages. The respective language settings of the users allow the news to be displayed in the appropriate language for specific target groups. In addition, editors can define the target group even more precisely by using additional setting criteria such as country, department and company to deliver relevant content based on user profile properties.

5. Structured filing & powerful search

Creating content, editors are provided with a unified metadata concept metadata in the backend. This ensures that any information will be easily found using a central search center. The metadata as well as
the corresponding filter options in the search center can be individually adapted according to your criteria.

6. Digital Signage & social media linkage

With Digital Signage, you can also integrate employees without desktop workstation into your corporate communication. Webparts specially optimized for large screens make it possible to spread important information, such as news or canteen plans via Digital Signage screens on the shop floor. In order to increase the range of information for blue collars, we optionally provide an interface for corporate accounts on social media platforms such as WeChat, WeWork or Facebook. For instance, news created in your corporate intranet can automatically be posted in the respective channel according to the target group. This enables you to reach more employees of your company.

7. Business insights

We empower you to evaluate your intranet with state-of-the-art analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Azure or Matomo. This will give you powerful insights regarding the performance of your intranet.

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