Teams and PSTN; How to Record 1:1 calls with OBS Studio for free

Microsoft Teams offer a 1:1 Teams call recording solution when both endopoint use Teams, but it do not works with PSTN calls. Centralized Call Recording solutions works perfectly with SIPREC, but they are not cheep. A Customer ask me today how to record 1:1 Microsoft Teams and PSTN calls, so I started thinking about how to get this function at no cost: the answer is OBS Studio!

OBS Studio Setup

To use OBS Studio as a Microsoft Teams 1:1 call recording solution, you need to download and install it from the official site:

Add Sources

Launch OBS Studio, then click the plus (+) button in the bottom left corner of the Sources area to add the following objects

Add Audio Input Capture -> Default Device to record your voice

Add Audio Output Capture -> Default Device to record the remote voice (PSTN)

To avoid the “No Sources” warning every time you start the recording, add Image -> Empty file

At the end the Sources are should look like this one above

OBS Recording Settings

Go to Settings -> Output to setup Recording parameters like the image above.
Output Mode: Simple
Recording Path: select the folder where you want to store the recording files
Recording Quality: High Quality, Medium File Size
Recording Format: mp4
Encoder: Hardware (if available)

OBS Hotkeys

Go to Hotkeys and setup a Start and Stop Recording key combination (like the example above), choose something easy to remember and to press.

Test the solution

Make a simple PSTN call from Teams and hit the Start Recording Hotkey combination, both call speaker voices will be recorded by OBS Studio in files like these below.

I think this is a good solution for free, please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve it.

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Vitali, L. (2020). How to record 1:1 Teams and PSTN calls with OBS Studio for free. Available at: [Accessed: 25th November 2020].

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