How to use a SharePoint Team Site for Collaboration [Infographic]

Well there’s a new buzzword right, collaboration. The problem is that we often here this when called for a SharePoint project, whether it’s for a customer or for your company. “We got SharePoint, we want to improve our collaboration”. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy in the real world. That’s why I did a session recently on it and was pleasantly surprised to see someone take some very visual notes on it.

A big thank you to Rebecca Jackson for not only attending my session in Sydney, but also for taking these awesome visual notes.

For more information on this visit 25 mistakes to avoid in SharePoint or Office 365. There you will find a recording and the slides. And I always encourage you to visit my table of contents of blogs, videos and downloadable SharePoint files in How do I learn more about SharePoint.

SharePoint Team Site for Collaboration

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SharePoint Team Site for Collaboration by Benjamin Niaulin

Benjamin Niaulin

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