Build an Office 365 Roadmap

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Build an Office 365 Roadmap

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How to Build an Office 365 Roadmap with Jeff Willinger.

In this video you will learn how to:

(1) Set up an Office 365 Roadmap.

(2) Best practice advice on building your roadmap and pitfalls to look out for


Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Jeff Willinger I am with a company called Rightpoint here in beautiful Chicago I’m thrilled to be a part of the European SharePoint Community and SharePoint Europe Conference or I think it’s European SharePoint conference I’m going to talk to you today about something that I think that most companies are lacking when they’re developing their SharePoint intranet and that’s really starting with roadmap I’m very passionate about the crawl walk run process and really answering the question for the end-user what’s in it for me I like to start out with answering why are we doing this what’s a maybe a three to five year Room it and really justify the investment with various milestones along the way then I’d like to talk about who are the users and how do we influence them finding the influencers within the organization really will ensure long-term success and really answer the question what’s in it for me and then finally I like to focus on the technology too many times I see that IT likes the shiny new thing whether it’s software or the latest and greatest platform and they really don’t focus on they focus too much on the technology and they don’t focus on answering the other questions to really build some momentum and really answer what I call the Forte’s accelerated acceptance adoption and advocacy and when I think about a project like a roadmap again I break it up into usually five different categories the first phase really being the discovery phase during the discovery phase we do envisioning stakeholder interviews and insights and user context I’d like to do a Content assessment visual strategy requirement and then cultural and organizational evaluation that’s a step one and then I’ll do the gap analysis to make sure that we’re not missing anything except to is really defining or what I call collaborating and when I talk about collaborating I’m really focusing on information architecture interaction design tagging strategy content migration and really getting that change enablement blueprint ready to go on to the next stage which is design or what I would call innovating when I think about innovating think about the visual design the technical integration and a migration design it’s one thing if we’re just going to start over it’s another thing if we really if we have that strategy in place there’s no need if we’re sitting in a room like this and we’ve got beautiful carpet and if we’re going to move the carpet to another room and it’s bolted in because a completely custom Ideally want to focus on configuring not customizing and then finally having an engagement strategy with early and intentional engagement and change management around that and then the absolute last part is really designing is implementing and executing I can’t tell you how many organizations that ITalk to on a regular basis where they start building testing deploying and optimizing and they sort of forget the first three steps so to me the implementing is what I also call executing that step four is really building testing deploying enabling and then finally iterating which and when I think about iterating it’s really evolving analysing optimizing deploying and out of those I break those into three different categories usability and information architecture technology functionality and infrastructure and then training awareness and governance think if you get nothing else out of this video I want you to remember the three stages crawl walk and that’s all I’ve got for today thanks for your time and we’ll see you in Europe bye

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