How to Build a Workflow on Office 365?

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Rico Ho presents How to Build a Workflow on Office 365.

In this video for Developers, Rico will show you step-by-step instructions on how to build an expense approval workflow with the new Webparts360 for Office 365. It covers forms, workflow routing, business rules.

You will learn:
1. How to install Webparts360 web parts unto your Office 365 sub site.

2. How to define a process workflow.

3. How to control field level permission control.

Video Transcript:

hello everyone today I would like to share with you how to build an approve workflow in office 365 that’s right in office 365 my name is Rico and I’m a solution at evangelist for web parts 360 okay so before we start let’s go through what I mean by building a Cover work flow one of the first things from a technical perspective the system must provide column Commission control it must be able to follow business logic and manage transaction states what that means is that when a team member summits it will get route to the project manager where the project manager will do the approves that’s what we’re going to build today now before we start let’s check up what you need first you have to have an office 365 subscription and then you can download and install web parts 360 our web parts which is currently in 3 beta Ana and you can have it ago then you can just create a sub-site with the relevant custom list and if you need any help undo email to me at support at Web a 360 let’s begin so this is a standard the SharePoint sub-site with two particular lists okay in this list there will be a list for projects whereby several projects are connected to managed by different project name and we have another list where we manage all the expenses are details for specific projects ok so to start with less come in and add some of the web parts right so what you basically need is once after you’ve installed you will get these few web parts say starting from the designer which is the designer which allows you to make the particular solution also you will need the smart view which allows you to-do reports and we will also need the smart menu which manage navigation kind we will also need the services and the most important thing is the final one which is smartness which is the flow apart so with these few web parts you are ready to go so once you have started you will find that you will be able to get the designer so when you click on the designer and this is where we do our project expands approves ok so in this demo we can just press create the system will automatically create this particular application side so once wearer there now we can come in and linked up all the lists that we need in this case we have only the two lists the expenses and the project and once we linked it this becomes part and parcel of our solutions next we will just dour transaction so in our transaction we want to work with expenses and essentially what we want to do is we want to his come in and say when you come in the team member works for me and the PM will approve and then it would be completed okay so in this case we were coming and some it and it will then branch over tithe computer when we approve so in this case the scape that is going to do is if the status is equal to a proof yeah it will approve it will go there yeah similarly we can make it go back to the of good if we reject it in this case if the status is equal to rejected change the capture and we are done so when we do this we have basically three transactions tape so the next thing we do is we make sure we have a logic when we select a project we want to make sure we pull over there is a person called project manager we make sure he is the person who is going to do the approves now and we save that and we are done so that takes care of our business logic on who’s going to approve the next we control who has control over the form so when in the form they are few form so this is a new expense form okay and they are a few views so all these views did required submitted by we will default it to the person who is submitting this and this will be hidden and we don’t need the status or the maps or any attachment and that’s our new expenses yes so when you come down here to the approves person the person who approves will essentially be able to approve and during the proof you will not be able to change any of these views okay and only the status and the approval remarks that’s our approval form yeah and then we save that in Psych here we will just make sure no one can change it by removing the edit form once we are done when you save this we are ready to go so let’s try our workflow now let’s uh purchase a server okay and this is for project and for $12,500 and we required by Friday and it’s going To be a gal server when it’s ready now I noticed when you approve it can be a growth and say okay we save that and it’s ready to go and in surface okay let’s review what past 360 provides you with the easiest way to build workflow in office 365 so today you can start and use our free beta okay and start prototyping away please do drop me a mu and support the web pass 360 to start the day the lab thanks for watching this video why not check out some more great how-to videos or subscribe to our YouTube channel for new videos as they’re released

Follow Rico Ho’s step-by-step instructions on How to Build a Workflow on Office 365
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