How to copy content from a spreadsheet into a list in SharePoint 2013

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How to copy content from a spreadsheet into a list in SharePoint 2013

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Make your spreadsheet SharePoint

Sometimes, you may want to transfer data from an Excel spreadsheet to a SharePoint list. The steps are easy and quick; all you do is copy and paste. This very handy SharePoint 2013 feature helps you get rid of your bulky shared Excel spreadsheets by turning them into SharePoint lists.

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Video Transcript:

One of the things that you might want to do in SharePoint is to take content that you already have in a spreadsheet and bring it over to a list in SharePoint so for example I have this content in the sheet and I want to take a few of these records for customer ID and customer name maybe about ten of them and bring them over into SharePoint I just want to copy and paste them into SharePoint to do that within SharePoint I’ll go ahead and make a new custom list so add an app for this you do need to be a designer or a site owner I’ll make a custom list we’ll call this customers create and once I have the customers list I can click on the edit here or click on list tab and click on quick edit both of them accomplish the same goal which is letting me update things now in quick edit view or datasheet view here I can say I want to go ahead and change or rename this column we’ll make this customer ID okay and with this plus sign here I can make a new column this is gonna be a text column as well and I’ll make this customer name here we go now all I have to do is copy paste information from the spreadsheet directly in this view so I’ll go back to a spreadsheet take the information that I want which is going to be let’s say this many records right here ctrl C to copy in back here ctrl V to paste allowing access and there it is that’s how simple it is to get information from your spreadsheet into SharePoint as a list

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