How to Create an Asset Library in SharePoint 2016

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How to Create an Asset Library in SharePoint 2016

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After creating a SharePoint site, you would need a central place where you will store all the assets needed for your site: photos, graphics, audios, videos, etc.
The SharePoint’s built-in Asset Library app will serve you well. The feature allows for thumbnail views and automatically generates metadata for your files, giving you a better user experience when browsing and searching.
Unlike other types of document libraries, Asset Library gives you more robust functionalities to improve not only the storage but also the management of your files.
If you have larger files such as videos, take a few minutes to enquire from your administrator about the file size limits for uploading. Typically, the default file size threshold is set to 10 GB in SharePoint 2016 server and 15 GB for SharePoint Online.
The short video below demonstrates the steps for creating an Asset Library and uploading files to it.
You can find more video tutorials inside VisualSP contextual help system. Check out a demo at:

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Asif Rehmani has been a SharePoint Trainer, Consultant, Author, and a SharePoint Server MVP since 2007. He’s the founder of VisualSP Help System.

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Video Transcript:

As an order of a site you can create asset library to hold images or other assets for your site from the add an apparel look for the asset library template you can hold rich media assets like image audio and video files in it give it a name such as sight images click on create and that will create the sight images asset library onto your site to populate this library with assets you can simply pull up the assets and what is Explorer in my case I’m taking these two pictures and dragging them directly into the asset library once they’re uploaded I have these assets in this case pictures available to me to use at any place that I wish on my site

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