How To Create a Hub Site in Modern SharePoint

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How To Create a Hub Site in Modern SharePoint

According to Microsoft, SharePoint hub sites help you meet the needs of your organisation by connecting and organising sites based on project, department, division, region, etc. making it easier to:

  • discover related content such as news and other site activities,
  • apply common navigation and branding across associated sites,
  • search across all associated sites.

In this How To  video, you can learn how to create a Hub Site in Modern SharePoint with Matt Longpre & Alec McCauley of itgrove, Canada.

Video Transcript:

So basically I’m going to start off by creating a new site collection and we’ll convert that site collection to a hub and then go through how the process of so scenic sites all ours so this is the modern SharePoint admit experience those of you who haven’t seen it before which is currently in preview but rolling out shortly so I’m going to go into site management and I’m gonna create sites as Matt said we’re gonna use a communication site for our top level the hub and I’m gonna call this help them public so that’s gonna spin up and then I feel good here and find this lady just created well how it does that just to reiterate there was no create hub site button here we need to create a site first and then we’re gonna run some PowerShell against that site to convert it into a hop sector so there’s my hub demo open it up here and like my site it’s just right now it’s out-of-the-box new modern communication site I’m gonna go in and just for the persons this demo I’m going to actually change the theme of this site just that you can get a sense of how that’s gonna work so I’m gonna choose this this dark theme here and which one knows probably making the designer and Mac print a little bit like them it’ll just be a good visual demo so you can see when I joined a second sites in this and it’s gonna grab all those things so I am going to now go into PowerShell and this is the SharePoint Online Management Shell and I cheat a little bit here I’ve got my power shell ready to go in the BS code which shockingly wants an update daily occurrence and then I take the connect SPO service command and piece of into PowerShell so ask me for my password and once that runs I’m gonna have a connected SharePoint Online session and then I’m gonna use this register SPO subset command which I can then take and does it actually convert the site I just created that hub demo site into a it’s a problem for two parameters here the first parameter looks actually asking for is a the ID of a Active Directory Mail enabled security group which is gonna be the group that would be allowed to join sites to the hub site full disclosure we couldn’t get this to work on by putting in the ID so I’m not sure exactly let me just has a bug right now or we weren’t doing something right but if you leave it blank basically everybody and anybody who can create a site can associate it to a hub so we’ll leave it blank for this demo but that’s what that freak round should be the second parameter oh there’s a lot of improper form which is good we were practicing this yesterday and we got a problem for a second parameter which we couldn’t find documents anywhere but yeah see it’s not actually listing what high school principal didn’t work so yeah exactly so there we go this site is now a hub site if I come over here and i refresh this we’ll see that there’s a couple one key change which is that there’s this new navigation bar at the top here but says hub demo and I can actually add links to it I’ll go ahead and show you what that link looks like I’m just going like this to CBC News not see this as a demo and I’m going to put you’ll see that I can add this to sites and then you’ll see that I can actually go ahead and Google like build out my navigation tree and if I save it those links now go up to this top bar and those the links that would push down into the Associated sites as well which will show a second because this is searched depending on timing we may or we may not see those links actually populate in the associated sites if we have crawled representation if not we have a fully come turkey in the oven that we can pull up a short style at the end to kind of show you this would look like so I’m gonna go back to the admin experience and I’m going to actually go ahead and create a new site that I’m actually used to associate to that website so I’m going to create a team site this time I’m gonna call this demo team sites will lead to URL and everything it’s same go ahead and just the next and finish what’s it creates it so open up I’m just going to the URL that I just created so here’s that new team site like just many of those actually the Matt was joking about before it did take the hot pink beam oh yeah we’ll go into the site information beam and this is where we can actually go in now and you’ll see this hub site drop-down that exists because we have hub sites enabled all right because we have we’ve already registered hub sites and I’ll choose my hub demo that I created before and we’ll see once this process finishes this site now grabs the theme oh and actually magically the navigation crawl here right so it is right there I was able to provision this out and to join it to the hub and it grabs it the theme and everything so now we have two sites just to make sure everything’s clear we’ve got hub demo which is our actual hub site and then demo team site which is now attached and we’re associated to yeah and you’ll notice that you can only edit the navigation from the actual target point on the site yeah yeah but if I made a change here would push down to just like and thankfully you’ve retained your hot-pink yeah that’s actually yeah and the site image itself yes I did grab the rest of things so there’s a few things that you can look at will notice on the the actual hub site itself now if we look at news if we gathered the whole page here and I love the news and I added the properties of this will notice now that it’s saying that the source of the news is all sites of hub I could also go to splat sites and then choose specific sites in the hub that I watched on news friend told some other options there and I’ve got this new hub news layout which were using which would show the stories rolling up well damn about adding news that people know what that looks like but it would roll out I’ll show you a second EXO’s more finished version in a second because we won’t have a search for all that ones I’m also gonna add a couple WebParts here and I’ll just show you that if I put in a this highlighted content Oh pull it across these data sites and again so in this highlighted content properties I can choose all sites or select sites in the hub and that means they promote content from any of the recent documents across the hub site and then there’s the actual sites and basically this is doing here is it’s gonna show the sides of the hub you’ll see I’m gonna publish this but I’m thinking searched hasn’t fully crawled yet because it’s not showing us our sites that we have added to the hub so far but it would basically in this context yeah we like to call that that qualifies as a Microsoft minute that’s a Microsoft me yeah Microsoft minute is a period of anything from 30 seconds up to 2 hours and the beauty of a Microsoft made it is that one time it’ll take 30 seconds and that’s maybe try to do it usually you’re trying to do it in front of somebody it takes two hours yeah yeah literally different web parts so you can add and utilize it’s part of the hub site configuration I’ll just actually take you over to another window we have here which is a hub site we built last night so it just had a chance to fully run and if i refresh this page now you’ll see that I’ve got the sites populating so associated sites here one is the name of the team site I created that’s associated to it if I click on that cell actually navigate me through to that team site on that team sites associated I put a demo news item called demo news it all up and if we go back to the hub site itself and we look at the news we see demo news roll up here so it’s actually is rolling out from the hub sites that’s pretty much one of the showcase with with hub sites it’s an evolving technology there’s lots new coming from from Microsoft and we definitely forward to seeing what’s coming next with them as I said it should all be GA by end of May just general availability encourage you to start thinking about that max design here your modern Internet’s and portals on I’ll check like so much for watching and have a fantastic day

Reference: (2018). What is a SharePoint hub site?. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Jul. 2018].

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