How-To Create Modern SharePoint Communication and Team Site Template Site Designs

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How-To Create Modern SharePoint Communication and Team Site Template Site Designs

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In this video we will learn How-To Create Modern SharePoint Communication and Team Site Template Site Designs.
The video is presented by Yaroslav Pentsarskyy, Executive Director, Origami Connect who is a Published Author, Speaker and Microsoft MVP.


Video Transcript:

When you let your users create sub sites in SharePoint you want to make sure 2d sites follow a consistent look and feel company logo and navigation and you want to make sure that these things are easy to configure their users don’t have to go all over the site to change little bits and pieces of configuration today I wanted to show you how you can easily create a SharePoint site design or better known right now as a SharePoint site template and allow your users here when they’re creating a new site pick from a drop-down and choose your corporate site template or site design there’s a few things that I want to achieve with my custom design I want a provision custom color scheme I want to also assign the logo and provision couple of navigation elements let’s go ahead and see what’s involved first I’m going to provision a custom color scheme I’m gonna provide you with a link to this theme generator but I’m gonna generate a custom color for my side design and I’m gonna pick one of the brave colors here this purple and apply it to this generator and generator automatically will generate all the code required for me and to color all of the necessary elements on the side so I’m gonna copy this piece of code here to PowerShell code and I’m gonna put it in my template right in here and I’ll explain this temple’ a little bit and also I’ll provide you access to this template so you don’t have to memorize all the code or follow along in a video but this template will be consumed by this PowerShell command and it’ll define my theme so with that piece of code on the top here copied from the template guy from a temple generator or a theme generator I’ll be able to create a custom theme so let’s go ahead and run this code I’m gonna open a SharePoint online management shell and execute this command now let’s go ahead and define the rest of the template so I already have pre-baked code here and let me just explain a little bit about this code I have a verb here or command to apply custom theme and that theme assume is assumed to be on the side already which it is I’ve just provisioned it so it’s available for any future sites or new sites I also am adding three different navigation links to the top I’m adding the one for employee services business services and workspaces so these are just links from the top so we have four top four top navigation bar and a last thing that I’m doing is I’m setting a site logo and I have a URL here for my existing site logo that I’m using that’s it so let’s go ahead and plug this into our PowerShell and execute it okay great now let’s go ahead and create this provision and a script object so I’m gonna copy these two lines the first line is going to provision a script object in the second line is gonna actually create a new template you’ll notice here I have the template name so that’s what it’s going to show what’s going to show up to users so that’s my origami template the web template so there’s two types of web templates 64 means that team site and 68 means a communication side so depending what I have here it’ll either show up under 64 under my team side or 68 is my communication side right from this from this selection here so you got to be careful and know what number to put in so it shows in the right category now there’s a little placeholder here for script ID and that will be generated when this top command executes and in description is just a description so I’m gonna copy these two lines and you’ll see exactly what’s happening I’m gonna go ahead and paste them here so the first line executed and I get this ID here now be sure to copy this ID and because you will need it in your site scripts right here you’ll also need it in order to you also needed to clean up the site scripts in the future so usually what I do is I’m gonna store one right here just for my reference execute this line and I’m also gonna get ID here I’m gonna store that idea as well so I can remove these side templates if I don’t need them later okay but these couple of lines of code provision basically the entire site template for me with a logo navigation links and colors so let’s take a look at what all looks like I’m gonna go ahead and click create site now remember because I picked 68 as a site template it’s my communication site and from a drop-down sure enough I see origami and I’m gonna create a site name click finish now you’ll notice the decide is created very quickly and if i refresh this site right away I see my my logo custom navigation employee services business services and workspaces and all of my color is applied so just like that you can change you know the color to your corporate color of course the logo in my case is white on white which is not really the smartest way to put the to create to put the logo in a white teen and a white theme and as well my notation links are also here now to clean up everything I will need these a couple of commands here so the first one will remove your theme and the theme is no longer going to be available on the side you don’t want to usually do that unless you made a mistake like in my case I created the header to be white and the logo is wide so it’s not really the best use of the color so I want to adjust it so in that case I’m gonna need to remove the theme and read it again another piece of code I’m gonna or another clean up I’m gonna run is to remove this site script that I’ve created in a second ago and lastly you know not in that particular side script I’m gonna remove if I need to change any configuration here so if I need to add new navigation links or anything like that I’ll need to remove and re add that side script so that’s important and lastly since I removed and re add at the side script I will definitely need to remove Andrea add my site design so I’m going to need to execute this particular command with the idea that I’ve that I’ve received when I ran the ad side design so once all that is done of course my existing side keeps functioning there’s nothing that’s broken here but if I go back to my SharePoint and try to create a new site you’ll notice that you’ll notice that the template is no longer gonna be available here we go one other thing to know is to note is that if you create a couple of templates with the same name unfortunately they’re going to be both available with the same name so you’re gonna need to use a couple of other additional commands to see what are they available template IDs and delete them for you can actually eliminate the ones that you don’t need and keep the ones that you do need hopefully you enjoyed this video feel free to leave your comments and say what else you’d like to see.

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