Create a SharePoint List Form Using InfoPath

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Create a SharePoint List Form Using InfoPath

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Create a SharePoint List Form Using InfoPath

In this video with Asif Rehmani you will learn how to:

(1)Modify existing SharePoint List Forms
(2) Use features of InfoPath


Video Transcript:

SharePoint server enterprise and InfoPath 2010 provides you the capability to customize SharePoint to list forms and that could be any list it could be a custom list it could be built-in list it could be even an external list what I’m going to do here is to show you that how you can go through the tasks list for example and customize the task list form using InfoPath now currently if I click on add new item in the task list this is the out-of-the-box list form that I get and this is just fine but if you want to enhance it if you want to customize it and make it so it’s more dynamic in nature what you would do is you can click on the list tab here click on the customize form button this button is going to be available if you have SharePoint server enterprise running and also you would need to have InfoPath on your machine for this button to really work you could do it this way when you did bit click on when you do click on this button it makes a connection to the InfoPath client opens it up and you ‘rein business another way of executing this is by going to start all programs Microsoft Office and opening up Microsoft InfoPath designer 2010 and then go into the SharePoint list form template functionality here design form and from here pointing to that list so that’s the two ways for you to get to this point either starting from the actual list itself or starting from info pad and then putting in the URL which I’m about to do right now for the site my finance site click on next and then you would go ahead and click on customize an existing SharePoint list and pick the list that you want to customize the form for click on next and it’s going to make a connection to that list call it main connection which is fine for us finish alright so here’s my default form the way that I have it right now the baseline form what I’m going to do is I’ll go to the top right here click on the insert tab and add a picture over here picture for my company which is the documents folder adventure works simple enough now what I want to do is underneath the picture I want to put in my title of the task so instead of the title being a separate line here I’m going to drag it and drop it right beneath my adventure works logo and now I’m going to modify the properties of this title box so I’ll click on it go to Home tab here make it bold whatever the text that’s going Tobe in the tight end in the title here is going to be bold and I’ll make a little bit bigger so let’s make it 14 now change the font to let’s do it to Berlin Sans FB Demi all right I no longer need this line here so I’m going to right-click and say delete this row and now for all this labels here take these labels customize them by let’s say making them bold maybe change the text font if I wanted to and also in table tools Layout I’m going to change the shading so the background of this now just to make it look a little prettier basically in addition what I’m going to do is I’ll go to the status field and I’m going to set up some conditional formatting for the status field the status field currently if I go to the properties tab here shows me that I have some choices might click on the Edit choices the choices are not started in progress completed deferred and waiting on someone else depending on the choice that exists in this job down I want it to be I want the colour to change so I’m going to add a rule here I’ll click on add rule and if it’s equal to something and that’s something I have to define little bit later go ahead and set three-color to this red colour is what I’m saying and automatically it filled on the first option for me did not start at the option which is exactly what I wants if the field is not started then go-ahead and set the background to read and find two also different kind of red shading okay here’s my rule that it made for me I’ll make another rule now add rule is equal to this time I’ll do neutral yellow and here I’m going to Putin give the statuses in progress then go-ahead and set it to neutral or yellow lastly set it to green or good if it’s completed and okay at any point in time if you want to see exactly what your form looks like before publishing it we can click on the Home tab click on the preview button now we’ll show you what it looks like currently close the preview and what I’m going to do with this due date field here is that I’m going to make sure that it’s never in the past so in here I’m going to also add a rule and the rule here is going today that it is in the past this time show a validation error so this is going to be a validation rule here we go the validation error it filled in for me automatically saying that enter today’s date order date in the future so it cannot be in the past so did all the hard work for me one last thing I’m going to take the description field here and I’ll make this a required field by going to control tools properties and clicking on cannot be blank alright so I’m all done right now for what I want to do lastly what you want to do to put it back or publish it back to the list is simply go to file and click on quick publish notice before I click on click publish that it knows exactly where to go publish this form ok here we go click publish ok it’s done click on ok now I’m going to go to my list my task list in the finance site and I’ll click on add new item now here’s my form ok let me go-ahead and now add a new title here and that’s going to be create HR policy so you notice that it’s a big text bold it’s different type of text than what it was before the shading here is there for the labels everything that I’ve set up is there for status it shows up its not started which is red I change that to in progress that’s going to be yellow change that to complete it that’s green and a description is a required columns let me go ahead and fill this up needs to be created and the last thing to check here is the due date this should not be in the past so I’ll try to select something in the past here we goat tells me that enter today’s date orate in the future all right let me today let me change that to something in the future and now it’s much better books once I’m done putting all the data in I’m going to click on save and here’s my task so this form behaves exactly like the other form well in terms of actually executing the data but the look and feel to form the validation conditional formatting even if I want to fetch some data to show in the form I could have done that also because InfoPath support sit anything that InfoPath supports you can do with customizing a SharePoint list form

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