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How To Customise Permissions For A User Group In SharePoint 2016

How To Customise Permissions For A User Group In SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 gives you the ability to give different sites permissions to different people. This allows you to have control on who may make certain changes to your sites.

You may allow some users to view your sites and you may allow others to edit them.

SharePoint 2016 comes with its own default settings called Permission Levels such as Contribute and View Only. But, you can customize them. All you have to do is group a number of permission as a Permission Level and assign it a SharePoint Group of users.

You can do a lot with permissions capabilities. You can:

  • Create and edit a permission level;
  • Copy a permission level;
  • Delete a permission level,
  • Etc.

Remember, default permissions are always easier to monitor and manage.

In addition, sticking to default permission levels reduce the risk of experiencing unforeseen changes which can end up being very inconvenient. To keep things manageable, always keep default Permission Levels, and always assign a default Permission Level to a group of users instead of assigning it to just one user. A group can contain one user or more.

The short video below shows you how to customise permissions for a group of users.

Watch more video tutorial at

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