How to Edit a Web Page Properties in SharePoint 2016

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How to Edit a Web Page Properties in SharePoint 2016

After you create a web page, you can always change the metadata and properties later.
Based on the configurations by an owner or an administrator, certain properties may
not be visible to you.
To edit properties, go to Settings, select Edit page, and under the Page tab, click on Edit
From Edit properties page, you can change the title, content type, contact name, and
other details about the web page. All the bits of information associated with a page
makes it easy for the page to be indexed and found when searched.
Under Edit Properties, other details can be changed, including SEO properties and View
properties. The SEO properties such as keywords and meta descriptions apply to both
the internet and the intranet.

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Video Transcript: 

As an author of a publishing page you want to make sure to set the metadata for that page I’m going to go ahead and go into the edit mode of this page and then from the page tab going to edit properties the first edit properties link is the one that I’ll select this is where you can see the name title the contact and everything else about the page I’m going to go ahead and set a few values you can also see that the information such as the image and also the content show up as field controls which also act as a metadata of this page all the information is associated to this page making it easy to index and also to be found later when it is searched for let’s save this one other thing that I could do is also set the SEO properties of the or the search engine optimization properties of this page this will make it easier to be found if this is an internet page or even an intranet page I can set specific properties that I would like for this page to be and this is how it’s going to be looked upon publicly when people are searching for it by setting the specific Meta Description keywords and other things I can also make it so the search engines do not see this page but in this case I’m going to include it so the search engines can see this page.


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