Faster, Safer Document Preparation Using SharePoint Online or On Premises.

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Faster, Safer Document Preparation Using SharePoint Online or On Premises.

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Faster, Safer Document Preparation Using SharePoint Online or On Premises with Noel Williams.

In this video you will learn how to:

(1) Use SharePoint to improve governance and management of corporate document content.
(2) Improve the efficiency of document preparation, which is a core business process for many organisations.
(3) Make users happy about their use of SharePoint.
(4) Improve the yield from your organisation’s investment in SharePoint.


Video Transcript:

hi I’m Noel Williams from macro view in this video we’re going to see how to improve the efficiency of a key business process which is preparing documents and emails and PowerPoint presentations will also see how you can improve the governance over the content within those presentations and how the generated documents and presentations can better comply with your corporate branding standards this will show us a way to make your end users happier with SharePoint which of course feeds through directly to better user adoption and increase yield from your investment in SharePoint we’ll be using a SharePoint add-on called macro view Clause bank macro view clause bank integrates Microsoft office with SharePoint by office we mean word in order to make word document preparation faster and safer outlook for faster safer email preparation and also PowerPoint for faster and safer preparation of presentations clause bank uses SharePoint as a central store of reusable content that’s standard approved text graphic and slide content for using documents and presentations plus banks supports both SharePoint online Office 365 and also SharePoint on-premises you’ll see how with Klaus bank you can create a highly effective enterprise content management solution in minutes and your users will love it let’s see how these macro view clause banks solutions look and feel to our end users let’s imagine that we’re from wise advisors and that we’re preparing a proposal around streamlining document generation for a potential customer called Acme limited we’ve got the wise advisors proposal template open let’s got the key benefits area and from the insert ribbon of word go to the clause bank group and click clause the claws bank dialog displays within the SharePoint online Clause bank we can go to the proposal clauses area and drill down and choose macro view clause bank we see a number of reusable content items as we click on each one of them we see a formatted preview of that item here’s a screenshot and here the rest of them are pieces of text let’s choose easy to maintain we can do that by simply dragging and dropping easy-to-use looks good so let’s double click to choose it as well if we want we can rearrange the order of the selected items by dragging and dropping now let’s click OK the two selected items are inserted at the cursor position note that the formatting of the selected items has been maintained and the numbering has worked accurately let’s insert some material between these two clauses again we click the close button the clause may remembers where we were most recently located this time we want to find any clause whose content contains the word time looks like there’s only one that does and here’s the preview of it eliminating time wasted that’s great let’s drag and drop to select that clause and insert it at that position as we can see the numbering has adjusted automatically and the graphic content within that clause has been retained successfully let’s jump down to the next part of our proposal template and insert some cbs4staff we’d like to be involved in this proposed project managing CVS is an excellent use of clause bank we go to the CV clauses area and note that the available CVS have been arranged into groups let’s pick the general area and preview the first of those CBS 2 Charles grey looks good so let’s select Charles by dragging and dropping John Burgess looks interesting great CV but we note down here that John has special CVS available for architecture construction engineering so we can go to that area and choose the correct CV for John again we drag and drop and now click to insert at the current cursor position our to CBS have been inserted fully formatted exactly as we selected them let’s complete the generation of our proposal by going to the front page and inserting a logo for Acme limited this time we go to the logo clauses area and again note that available logos are arranged into groups there are lots of logos but Acme limited is conveniently at the top of the list let’s drag and drop to select it and click OK macro view clause bank has really helped us to streamline the preparation of how proposal about streamlining document generation Acura vehicle or spank can also make the preparation of emails faster and safer on the insert ribbon of outlook let’s use the insert clause button and this time choose a different clause bank throne on our on premise SharePoint server in the client services email clauses area the external category contains an appropriate looking clause let’s drag and drop to select it and click OK the result is some appropriate text within our email cover letter macro view clause bank also works in Microsoft PowerPoint in order to make PowerPoint presentation preparation faster and safer here’s our shell presentation let’s use insert clause and go to the pitch slides area and choose the technical category this item looks useful in fact there are two slides in this mini slide deck let’s drag and drop to select that item and click OK the two slides are inserted at the current cursor position here’s our claws Bank dialogue again you might note that the architecture item is not able to be dragged and dropped the same thing applies to the email management and Functionality items these items are unavailable for selection because they have expired each content item in clause main can have a responsible user and an update frequency specified for it an update frequency could be say yearly so once a year Klaus bank will automatically alert the responsible user that their claws needs to be checked to case it is no longer up to date once the clause is updated its expiry date is extended by a further year so that it can be selected by end users this clause bank expiry mechanism prevents out-of-date content from being retrieved into presentations and emails and documents we’ve seen how close Bank solutions look and feel now let’s look at how easy those claws make solutions are to maintain each clause bank is just SharePoint site this clause bank site on Office 365 SharePoint online contains number of different document libraries if we right click on one of those libraries can choose open in browser whereupon we see that it is just a regular SharePoint library containing folders if we drill down into those libraries we see the documents which have been appearing to us as clauses with in that library remember the proposal clauses library we went to earlier it has a two-level folder structure within document generation there are these three subfolders and if we drill down to the clause bank folder we see the clauses that appeared as items within that area of clause bank as you can see each content item is a mini document a variety different formats are supported Word documents PowerPoint presentations various graphic formats text files and also HTM s you can add new content items to the clause bank by saving documents or uploading files to folders within those document libraries but to load a new content item from word it’s even easier you simply select the content for the new clause and from the clause bank group in the home ribbon of word choose new clause you then choose the destination area within the clause bank and assign a name for the new content item save you’ll then be prompted for metadata such as responsible user update frequency or description clicking insert clause within see a newly loaded content item let’s take a look at the architecture of macro review clause Bank solutions we’ve seen Clause bank working inward it also installs as a plug-in in outlaw and PowerPoint we’ve seen how Klaus bank makes it easy to find and reuse content stored in SharePoint online document libraries in order to streamline the preparation of documents and emails and presentations we’ve also seen how easy it is to add new content to Klaus bank from Microsoft Word the same thing is available in Microsoft PowerPoint you can also implement macro review clause bank with an on premise SharePoint server in which case you get additional facilities around automatic expiry of content and usage reports in the last stage of our video we’ll see how easy itis to install and configure a new macro view Klaus bank solution it’s a straightforward six step process the first step is within an existing site create a document library whose title contains either clauses or slides you can have multiple libraries if you wish step to create some folders in your document library the taxonomy of content items displayed in your claws bank dialog will reflect that folder structure the third step is to save some documents to those newly created folders there’s a wide range of file types that are supported each document will be a separate content item within your claws bank dialogue step 4 is to download and install the mac review clause banks software it’s a client site only installation which is streamlined by running the supplied miss you then can activate your macro view license which you do using the macro view licensing website running on Microsoft azure then you can start using your new clause Bank solution coming soon to clause bank has some very exciting new features including the local caching of clause bank content so that you’ll have great performance even when you do not have good connection to the internet or to your SharePoint server the content within that local cache will be synced in the background in a way that minimizes impact on other tasks and not long later than that will introduce fully offline operation so that you’ll be able to find and retrieve clause bank content even when you are not connected at all for more information about micro review Klaus bank and how it uses SharePoint to streamline your document preparation contact macro view using these details

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