How SharePoint 2016 Hybrid Sites Make Collaboration More Efficient

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How SharePoint 2016 Hybrid Sites Make Collaboration More Efficient

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Microsoft keeps looking for ways to have companies get started in the cloud. They found one way: adding more hybrid site functionalities to SharePoint. And, SharePoint 2016 has come with tons of hybrid features.

By default, SharePoint On-Premises and Office 365 don’t speak to each other. But, with simple configuration of hybrid features, the integration gets deeper and deeper. This hybrid environment boosts productivity and gives users a more seamless experience.

Among the most popular new hybrid features is Hybrid Sites. This time-saving feature consolidates almost all typical collaboration tasks between SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online. Some of the additional features you get include:
• Site Following;
• Profile Redirection; and
• Extensible App Launcher.

The short video below gives you an overview on the power of the Hybrid Sites feature.

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Video Transcript:

When we enable hybrid bikes we actually get more than one feature we get three features so what do we enable hybrid size the first feature we get is the site following which means that both the sites we follow onPremises in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016 and the SharePoint Online are going to be consolidated and the site stage in Office 365 we also get the profile right direction so whenever a user clicks on a profile don’t be redirected to the delve profile of the user in the past if a user click on the profile unpromising it went to the my sites onPrem and if we click on the profile online it went to the delve online so users we’re looking at two different profiles it wasn’t only one profile and it wasn’t an integrated experience that we would expect between two Microsoft products lastly if you’re running SharePoint 2016 and this is the feature that I told you is SharePoint2016 only all the rest am I’ll show you today is going to be SharePoint 2013 and2016but the extensible app launcher is SharePoint 2016 the extensible app launcher will show you Office 365 delve video and custom office365 styles in the SharePoint 2016 app launcher so when we look before when we had we had to follow Sites right we had one in the my site and one online and the one online only had SharePoint Online Sites and the one onPrem only had SharePoint onPrem sites so users actually had to go to two different places to see all their follow sites now with the new hybrid team hybrid site functionality you can see sites for example one form onPrem one on office365 in Office 365 and you don’t see the difference you collaborate as a user you don’t really care what that where that site is you just want to place to be able to see all your followed sites not having to check 20 places to find it wanting to remember is that and that’s something to consider it’s more t-echnical I guess but I really wanted you to be aware that you cannot activate hybrid sites without activating hybrid OneDrive for business we’re going to talk about hybrid OneDrive for business just next but remember that you cannot activate only the hybrid site picture you need to have hybrid OneDrive for business as well so let’s go to the lab and show you whether what it works exactly are the hybrid sites functionality so close this I don’t need this anymore I will go over here and right here let me refresh to make sure that everything is fast and ready to go first thing I’m in a SharePoint with SharePoint 2016 site you know it says SharePoint over here so that means we’re on SharePoint and another tip if you want to let me actually put this show tabs on a separate row a way to find out if you’re onPrem or online is that onPrem all you can have a custom domain if you’re online it always finishes by share and that’s something you cannot customize okay so what first thing I’m going to do is open the app launcher and this is the SharePoint 2016extensible applause as you see instead of having only newsfeed OneDrive and sites I also have delve and video that showed up there I will click on this site and instead of going to my onPremises  size it went to Office 365 and again you sit over here Office 365 aswell as in the URL that it finishes by dot SharePoint calm and in my deal is this small I don’t know what resolution you’re on but if you look at the bottom left of my screen right now you see that the team site the URL that it wants to go to is about SharePoint and SharePoint com so that’s an online site however my team site over here goes to SharePoint that to learn 2016 so if I want to go back to my on-prem site I follow that site so I simply click on it and it navigates me back to my own website if I want to follow anew on-prem site let’s go I go to my untrimmed sub site and I want to follow it I simply go to the site and I will click on follow it actually usually takes a few seconds and that’s even if you’re using on-prem between the time that you click follow and the pop-up appears but you see now it says now following this site I will go back to sites and Office 365 and you see I have unplanned sub site over here if I go to a team site so if I go to any other site like say this site I don’t even know if I have access to it and I follow it and this is an Office 365 site I go to my site section here and I see both my online and unpromising sites at the same place so I think that’s a really cool feature for end users to be able to only check one page and be able to see what happens in all their favorite sites whether they’re onPrem or online so that’s we looked at two of the features so we looked at the app launcher well we don’t see it right now we looked at the followed sites as well as the extensible app launcher so if I go to my epoxy here I see although I see the del V and video tiles and the other one is the profile so I’ll go to this document library and that’s all the slides from SharePoint conference 2014 and I see hey the guy who uploaded them it’s Trevor so if I click on Trevor Seward’s name it will actually get me -Trevor Seward’s dove profile because he’s enabled for hybrid I’m enabled from hybrid so instead of having two different profiles whenever I click on that name on the profile name I’ll go to delve and not want Prem so this again brings collaboration better because we don’t have two places to check for stuff anymore we don’t have two sites pages we don’t have two profile pages you only have one in Office 365

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