How to integrate SharePoint 2013 and Office Web Apps

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How to integrate  SharePoint 2013 and Office Web Apps

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This video for IT Professionals is presented by John Naguib.

Dealing with OWA, most of the companies depend on office and how to open office files through SharePoint without the need of the client so a lot of Consultants, Business Owners will like to see this implemented in their companies.

What you will learn:

1. What are Office Web Apps (OWA)

2. Design and Features of Office Web Apps

3. How to Configure Office Web Apps for SharePoint






Video Transcript:

Good day everyone this is John Naguib senior IT consultant and portfolio architect and a proud member of the European  SharePoint community in this video of the series of how to do videos organization point community I’m going to show you how to integrate audio beauty report so the agenda for today I’m going to the point OWA and what is the design for I’d put that buoy and existing features and I’ll jump to say them so what is audibly all the resistance for the office would observe its provides updated versions of old web app Excel and PowerPoint would have one not would have where users can view edit office documents in  SharePoint levels by using the supported browsers on their computers and no need to have their office client installed in the machines we can do that too through the windows phones iPhones iPads Windows 8 tablets and Android devices so let’s take a look into the old ugly redesign this account or double a design for the based version we are having in the middle office web app server so this can be a single solution or can be multiple servers load balancers and it acts as a one form and other technologies connecting to it to consume it so we see in here each box of those in blue with separate  SharePoint forms and each of those forms is point to this ad owh upon it can consume the functionality and make use it in such a point same thing for Lync and for exchange so what are the features that were having inaudible so part of those features first one is changed tracking where we can track the changes that’s happening in the document is used to be on the client version only what’s now supported over the Oder great we can add comments over the lwa we can have a cost ring where certain users or entries are at the same time editing at same document quick preview so whenever you hover over your shell from inside and overnight certain documents you would get a quick preview for and you can share a link directly through the old library for this specific document so let’s some vendors demo let me go to my audible machine and this architecture and I’ll be showing you in here we are having two machines one which is OWA and other  SharePoint so in OWA we need to do some steps at the beginning and then we can go to the action point and do another step so what what needs to be done to configure without doing the first step let me open in here I’m having a Windows PowerShell command and let me copy some comments in here I have written these steps in the notepad first thing is its execution force to unrestricted and next thing let me import the module server manager so I can install some new features oh now I’m supposed to insist on the commands it contains cigarette features that windows needs to have to be able to run the audibly it’s a pretty test let me copy and paste this command actually to start taking time and it will either if you haven’t already this will switch installed it will tell you that there is no change needed if you if this feature is not installed so it will continue installing them and then restart will be needed so once it’s done you are having the prerequisites installed post office for the OWI and what is the next step then the next step that you need to install that will itself I have already done that for you what you need to download it from workshop sites and just run it as an administrator and install I love you it’s a simple installation file setup file then once stone in it import the module of Office Web Apps so either you can call it import – a module type name office with apps directly or if you’re powerful it is not configured to force it to go for this destination you can set any here the important module from the full path to the modules like this one let me copy this command and go to the potion so I imported this module and next thing you need to create a new office waveforms so if I create try to create that and in here this command will tell me are you going to override existing stings because I thought already that is common before it’s called new Office Web Apps form and providing it it’s a URL and URL is the OWA the general convert or w/e is the name of the server engine from the domain and then our now HTTP and allowing editing so I’m welcome to override this existing settings and just press cancel but in your case you the complement will create the audible for real oh let’s try another command it’s called Gate Office Web Apps for if I ran that to start giving you information about the existing order below farm all the breeder channel company’s internal URL and to provide you a lot a lot of parameters and informations so if you’re running this the creation command which is called new office web spotter for the first time the result will look like this once it’s done so we are having now what we have done that we have installed some windows features the prerequisites they know installed audibly and then we have run a certain command let me go and show you this link which is called HTTP or w/e hosting start discovery this shows the discovery from the audible part so this means that our phone is ready now and the next step that we need to go to our  SharePoint machine to do the connections between the OWI and  SharePoint opening a  SharePoint management shell running it as an administrator and let me do the ocean command in here and cleaning all the data in the chat console and let me paste the command it’s called new SP o WP I binding and providing it the server name which is posted to the OWA server and press that okay it’s finished and was done that it binded the ship own form to the huda beauty farm and provides several information in here about the every type of documents and award excellent or not an exit etc so what we need now to go to test it we need to go to the  SharePoint document library and make sure to log in with your user don’t try to connect using forum account or system account because if you try to log in with system account oh my time will receive error whenever you’re trying to access documents you need to exit with a normal user let me do a refresh to this page.  please follow the European SharePoint community for more how to do video series thank you very much

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