How to overlay multiple calendars for a unified view in SharePoint 2016

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How to overlay multiple calendars for a unified view in SharePoint 2016

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In SharePoint 2016, you can create multiple calendars for different events and different teams.

There are times when you just want to get an overview of all the upcoming events. As you may know, it is time consuming to browse through different calendars to see the schedules, especially when you have many calendars. SharePoint 2016 allows you to overlay all the calendars in one place for a single view.

For example, you may want to bring a team calendar and a company calendar in one viewing place.

This video shows you how to overlay multiple calendars for a unified view.

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Video Transcript:

Multiple calendars can be overlaid on top of each other to provide a unified view of the calendars in this case I have a team calendar and also a company calendar what I wish to do is to overlay the company calendar on top of my team calendar so I’ll navigate to the team calendar go to calendar tab and click  on the calendar overlay button select the new calendar here and provided a name in my case is going to be company events it’s a SharePoint calendar I can choose from a variety of different colors that I can use to have my new events my company events displayed I can point to any site that I want to get a calendar from in my case it’s the same site once I found the calendar click on the ok button and now I have the boat calendars over laid on top of each other

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