How to Remove Users from a Site in SharePoint 2016

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How to Remove Users from a Site in SharePoint 2016

There are times when you may want to restrict access to a SharePoint site from certain
users. You can easily remove some users to a site so that they can no longer view or edit
the content.

The SharePoint site permissions customization capabilities give you a simple interface
for the task.

To be able to make these changes, you need the permission level that allows creation of
groups and management of permissions. By default, Full Control is the permission level
that allows these privileges and more.
The steps start with going to Site Settings and then to Site Permissions.
You can remove either an individual user or an entire group of users.
The short video below walks you through the steps.

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About the Author:

Asif RehmaniAsif Rehmani has been a SharePoint Trainer, Consultant, Author, and a SharePoint Server MVP since 2007. He’s the founder of VisualSP Help System.

VisualSP provides just-in-time learning and help through proprietary help system software. Also, the website hosts a variety of training videos authored by renowned experts in the industry.

Over the years, Asif has provided SharePoint consulting and training to major clients such as Department of Defense, NASA, Hersheys, Toshiba, State Farm, Federal Home Loan Bank, US Army and many more.



Video Transcript:

As an owner of a site you have the option to add or remove users from a site in our case let’s see exactly who has permissions currently to the site currently says a lot of people have access to it so what we’ll do is we’ll go ahead and remove some people from the site first we’ll start out by going to site settings then going to site permissions within the site permissions you’ll see all the different  SharePoint groups who have access to the site if we now go here to the team site members you’ll see that domain users which means everybody in the company has access to the site and also Irene Hernandez has access let’s remove the individual user Irene this is how I would go ahead and remove an individual user from this group similarly if you want to remove the whole domain users group you would select it go to actions and remove that user or that group from this  SharePoint group as well now these people do not have access to the site anymore

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