Translate Documents in SharePoint

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Translate Documents in SharePoint

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In this video ‘Translate Documents in SharePoint’ with Dennis Hobmaier you will learn how to:

(1) Create SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow using Action Translate
(2) Use Custom Action to add buttons or context menu items
(3) Use SharePoint’s Machine translation service


Video Transcript:

Transcript hello and welcome to use pc videos today I will show you on how to create an easy no code solution to translate a document into a different language with just one click therefore we will use SharePoint designer workflows custom actions Andean of course SharePoint my name is Dennis old MA I’m senior consultant and working at solutions to share specialized for provisioning and syncing side templates in conjunction with as elf-service portal but now let’s continue with our demo as you can see I’ve just created our empty team set so I would like to create just a single button and the context menu item we’re business user can translate a document into a different language in the backend it will use the machine translation service which is already pre-configured in the cloud let’s start with a new document and provide an example so I’m just doing copy and paste of some an example so we have a document now having containing English text and because we’ve all like a project we would like to translate this into a German as you can see there’s no default out of the box method how you can translate it so start with a verb flow so I’m just choosing at a library I’ve SharePoint designer installed locally already make sure that we have opened our document library and we will start with a workflow make sure that we are using a SharePoint 2013 workflow and this will be a very easy workflow translate the name of the stop and here we already have default action translate document we will choose the current item we need to specify language so as I’m located in Germany Austria I will choose German and the result which we will store the same document library how to proceed with the next step let’s go to the next stage for better workflow status we will add an additional stage set this finished adhere 02 and here we will end the verb flow and then there is an action we will set the workflow history look to history translation finish ok that’s all save and publish so it’s important that we also publishing that so that the workspace is available done let’s go back to our document library we will see that the workflow has spinning available and a currently for manual start so we could already start translating document by choosing a right click on the document advanced workflows then I need to start it manually so I would like to create a warm click solutions let’s create the custom action now so that’s a method where you can add button and you can either choose from that menu directly in here but that’s little limited as you only have this basically the context menu item available while if you choose the one above ribbon you have to list item which is exactly the same like this and you have also a different kind of forms we’re going at the button so I will start with the list item menu and initiating a workforce exactly what would like to achieve I can add a button which I’ve already prepared the need to upload it on my sides so my icons are very yeah as you can see full colour nothing special so you can choose a one which is stupid nicer but just to see to show you the concept basically after uploading gear I need to refresh that one so SharePoint designer text change back to my documents site assists there now it works fine initiate workflow rights mark so we would like everyone so everyone which should have edit permissions should be able to run this kind of action so I’m choosing edit list items it’s creating a new document in that library anyway so before the flood proportions it doesn’t work if you have more items available you can also enable sorting okay save that I have added that it saved immediately so now if I’m refreshing this page now having my context menu now it has been already finished document demo let’s open that one and as you can see my English text has now been translated into German perfect exactly achieve what I wanted to achieve so I would like to give another example let’s say we are choosing a few Reuben so it’s available in that ribbon after you are doing a selection reinitiating the same workflow can provide a description therefore we have now two icons available and confirm so now the difference of the I refreshed page is now if I select document I have the same functionality available from this area ‘swell so creating not only the documents I not support myself and start translating that one but now we’re choosing the button from the top ribbon bar so and after a certain amount of time it has finished the translation and it should change the status for the translation workflow status soon as well which is done now and yeah finally have looked at the translated document if it’s now German perfect year it’s now translated successfully into German soot summarize we have seen on how to use SharePoint designer workflow or SharePoint 2013 designer workflow amusing the machine translations I was in the back end and creating a custom action to make it very easy for the business user to create an action and enhance the available menus so thank you for listening and 0 at European SharePoint conference 2016 in Vienna where I will have a track about migrating to SharePoint online using your powers immigration package which is pretty much for free and uses Asia file storage in the back end you can see if ten percent using the following code sip 16 tie and yeah looking forward to 0or he will also find my contact details just in case you have any further questions have a good day and bye

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