How To use the new survey application in Office 365

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How To use the new survey application in Office 365

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With Microsoft Forms, you can create surveys, quizzes, and polls, and easily see results as they come in. In this How To video, Oliver will share some tips and tricks in relation to using survey applications.

About Oliver Wirkus
Microsoft Office Servers & Services MVP
Curious SharePoint enthusiast (MCTS,MCPD,MCT), well-known international speaker, author, blogger, Evangelizing Document Management & Collaboration with SharePoint and Delve, Windows Phone addict, Passionate developer

Oliver is currently a consultant in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
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Video Transcript:

hello and welcome today’s European SharePoint office 365 and Azure community how to video my name is Shane and I am delighted to be joined by Oliver who will be talking to you about Microsoft forms thank you very much chain for the kind introduction Microsoft forms is a new addition to the office 365 family of application it’s currently available for Edu tenants but Microsoft is just starting the rollout to commercial tenants as well if Microsoft forms is not available to you right now it pretty much will be soon we have soft landing are using Microsoft forms already for internal service but what is Microsoft forms despite its confusing name it’s not another custom forms application like InfoPath or PowerApps in fact it’s an app that allows organizations to create nice-looking surveys and questionnaires so I don’t want to take long over the introduction so let’s jump right in to be able to use Microsoft forms simply navigate to forms office comma and log in with your organization credentials on the landing page here you’ll have the option to view your existing forms or to create a new one let’s create a new survey and see how this is working so let’s click on new form here and this is the online editor that the Microsoft forms is offering so first let’s give that a name how about we use office 365 collaboration and we can add a description yellow sorry let’s type O so elaboration so now I can add my question here and as soon as I click on this button I have four different options so choice means I can create a question and the prepare the prepared answers are based on choice fields text means a user is able to add text or to answer that question by entering text we can have a rating and we can answer a question by providing a date in my example I would like to continue with the choice option here so I click on choice now I have the option to add my first question so let’s go ahead with that and let’s ask for what is your favourite variation to in office-based 65 so now we have different options one could be let’s say Microsoft teams option two can be say office groups let’s add another option here go for Yammer and I would like to add the other option as well which means here users are able to add their own favourite collaboration tools in office 365 so this is how the basic editor is looking like but to be honest um this question here is looking more not that pretty so let’s click on this icon here and we can insert some media have a background image for example so let me do that right now clicking here I would like toad an image uploaded an image go to my desktop here and see if I can find one Oh take this one so let’s upload that image just takes a couple of seconds and here we go so this is this our image here ok now we can have a preview of our questionnaire here let’s click on preview and this is how the question would look like currently there’s another option as well so let me show this you can remove that image from the question and you can add a so-called scene here so if you click on the theme button here there are some predefined themes you can use and you can even upload your own image and just let upload this imagery again this one here again this will take just a few seconds and here we go so this is how our question is looking like right now I think that’s very pretty so click on preview here so this is how this questionnaire would be presented to the users ok let’s go back the next step is so after the survey has been created now you can publish it by clicking on the share button here you can find the share button on the upper right corner of the year the editor screen here and let me click on this and here you have several options so the options are only people in my own organization can respond or anyone with this link can respond to this question this is very interesting because with Microsoft forms we can create anonymous which wasn’t possible in Japan so let’s start with any people in my organization can respond and as you can see here a Microsoft forms questionnaire is shared by providing a link usually you would take that link and send it out to the co-workers in your organization or you can take that link and send it out to people outside of your organization to enable them to answer your question err in my example I would like to do it a little bit differently so what I would like to do is I would like to show you how a Microsoft forms questionnaire is looking like for people within your organization and people outside of your organization so let’s start with copying that link here and create another window paste that link here and click on Oxo now I’m logged in I am a user in my organization right now and you can see here’s a greeting hi Oliver when you submit this form the owner will be able to see your name and the email address so this is how this questionnaire looks like for a user within the current organization ok let me just answer this go for Microsoft teams and I click Submit so thanks your response was submitted ok so this is how the questionnaire would look like for a user within your organization now go back to forms and let me open a new in private window and in this in private window I’m pasting in the link as well but now I am an anonymous user I’m not a user of the current organization anymore I used in the private window and this is how the survey looks like for someone who is outside of your organization okay now we get a lot in screen here but that is something we would like to avoid when we are creating an anonymous survey so let’s fix that close this window here go back to forms what I need to do now is I need to click on the settings go to the settings here and have a look at the settings so I need to change from only people in my organization can respond to anyone with the link can respond so this makes my survey a truly anonymous survey ok let’s close the settings window go back to edge oops Matt was so wrong blink I need to open in you in private window let me paste in that link  again click on enter and now this should work as expected yes you can see um the greeting line here is not displayed right now because I’m an anonymous user and this anonymous user is now clicking on office groups and is clicking on submit ok a response was submitted and this is how a survey in Microsoft forms looks like for a user outside of the current organization after the survey has been created now it’s have a look at the responses you may have noticed that on the editor here there’s another tab here we have the questions tab and here’s the responses tab so if you click on the responses tab here you can see ok we have two answers this is another great feature of Microsoft forms responses are collected or recorded almost immediately so as soon as someone is answering your questionnaire um you can see that answer on the responses tab here so what else do we see so we see that we have two responses it takes an average of 22 seconds to answer that survey and the survey is currently active and we can also have a look on the results here so the lower part of that screen you can see the question what is cofavorite collaboration tool in office 365 and you can see we have two answers Microsoft teams and office groups you can even have a detailed view on the results if you click on View results here and a new window is opening up and you can see the answers of each individual who have answered your questionnaire so the logged in user so all of the workers was first who was answering that question here so I’m responder number one you can see that Answered with Microsoft teams and here is the anonymous user so this is the user that used the in private window in edge to answer that question air and you can see this user answered office groups okay let’s go back here’s another cool option that you have in Microsoft forms you can even export the results to an excel sheet if you click on this link here so let’s do that right now and see it’s working yes okay let’s open up Excel and have a look at their responses so this is the sample question spreadsheet you get from Microsoft forms you can see the two email addresses here that’s just one name the second one was the anonymous user so we don’t have a name here and you can do which if you can use this excel sheet for further evaluation of your survey responses so let’s close this and I will look here on the questions tab again so this was my question these are all the responses let’s have a quick look on the additional settings you have in Microsoft forms so the first setting was anyone with that link can respond so this makes this survey an anonymous survey and if you click on only people in my organization can respond and you need to log in to Microsoft forms before you able arm to answer that question here are some additional options you can provide a start date and end date and you can even shuffle the questions to make it more interesting for you users to answer your question here so Microsoft Forms is a great new application if you’re looking for options to create nice pretty looking surveys now you can even create anonymous service which is something you can’t do with SharePoint you can even answer a survey on a mobile device like a smartphone and I think there’s even a preview here so let’s click on mobile this is how your questionnaire would look on a mobile device there’s even more Microsoft forms integrates with Microsoft flow which means that you can add actions or workflows to your to your survey let’s have a look on that very quickly so here is Microsoft forms and here’s a list of all the actions all the Microsoft forms templates that you can use in Microsoft flow to add additional functionality to your forms and to yours’re think Microsoft Forms is a great addition to the office 365 family of applications and I would like to encourage my audience to try out Microsoft forms once it is available to your tenant.

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