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Using Planner

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In this video with António Brisson you will follow a user scenario in which will use planner to update ongoing tasks, check a team status, re-assigned work a create a work force for a new marketing campaign. Topics include:

(1) Add a plan to favorites
(2) Update Tasks
(3) Check team status and re-assign work
(4) Create a new Plan


Video Transcript:

hello my name is Antonio Brazeau I’m consultant and a SharePoint enthusiastic create IT in Portugal and the proud member of the European SharePoint community today I’m here to give you afunctional overview of office planner and to do this we’ll use a very practical example of Katie Jordan’s life at Contoso Katie Jordin is an auditor at Contoso and she’s also the marketing director today she wants to update her light tasks check if anyone is in burnout and also see if everyone is comfortable or if she has to redistribute or reassign tasks and create a new marketing campaign to do this she logs on to Office 365 selects planner has her favourite application and when entering planners she can check inhere left hand side all the plans that she subscribes and also in the main dashboard all the plans that she subscribes with an icon it’s all integrated in the Office 365 environment to check her tasks she clicks on her name and immediately she gets all the tasks that are not started in progress or completed in all the plans that she subscribes this is a completed task with the common history and she clicks on axing progress tasks she wants to check if she’s on time it seems that she still has some time before the due date so she’s on time she can edit the description she can that’s what she does she can attach files or attach a link which is particularly useful if you don’t want to duplicate contents and just share a link let’s say for your OneDrive and she can add checklist item this can be used to create sub tasks on your task and post comment to a task and this way a test can keep a nice tree of all the comments that are made about it do you still remember Katie second task that’s right she wants to check if anyone hurt him he’s in burnout or if it’s just her to do this she goes on to her planner and clicks on her favourite plans but there’s nothing there so let’s add our team or online marketing team to the favourite plans and now she immediately gets all the information about that particular team the online marketing with the late tasks the not started and young going tasks and the number of tasks that were created in that plan when entering the online marketing plan she can see that this is an open group with the board view a chart view a notebook and all some other office groups functionalities this is the all the team members by clicking on a team member you can see which tasks are related to them you can also add new members by clicking and writing their names you can filter the text the tasks for in using this status you can use a chart view which lists the status of the tasks splatted by all the team members and on the right hand side you get the list of the tasks so if you click a team member you can see which tasks are assigned to him and get the state of each task it get indeed into the detail and reassign test by simply choosing another team member within inside the task at this point she sees that Anna is in burnout she has a lot of light tasks in her hands well but we can do something about it let’s see Anna let’s give you let’s postpone the due date for this task and also reassign this to another team member which who has a less work in her hands we can still do something more about Anna let’s see someone that has not ask and reassign this task to him we change the task status and change the due date at this point Katie arguably considers that Anna is no longer in burnout she decides to reassign tasks using another very interesting functionality which is just by dragging and dropping a member to a task to do this she goes on to her online marketing team all the tasks are divided into three different buckets not started in progress and completed everything is updated to the according to the changes that she made earlier and she can drag and drop a profile picture and automatically the task is reassigned toe new team member this is a very quick and easy way to reassign a new task now that everything is up to date Katie is ready to create the new plan for the new workforce for the mega monster campaign to do this it’s as easy as clicking in the left hand side a new plan adding name and a description to the project and also select if either you want this new plan to be public for all the Office 365 network or private for just a closed group and then once you create click on create plan office will create everything that goes behind the planner creating a notebook and an office group and all that comes with it in the beginning three default buckets are created for not started in progress and completed tasks and well there’s no member so let’s get our team going let’s select Brian and Anna also wants to work with Sarah Davis so she looks for sorry and selects her has a team member using these three buckets is very good but we want to personalize our work and the first task is to create a presentation so Katie creates a presentation bucket and where she will create the tasks that are related to the presentation that needs to get done she adds a new member to the task it’s assign but you have to add a description and Brian Johnson will add content and Katie really likes to collect images sort of presentations and this way the new mega mind campaign can get started with this simple task you can see these two tasks are created in skating wants to be up to date she brings a bag of monster camping to her favourite plants and the mega monster camping status will be shown every time she opens the planner just at the right side of the online marketing team this brings us to the end of our video I hope you got Avery good overview of the office planner and had at least as much fun as I did preparing it thank you very much for watching it and I hope to see you soon

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