[Infographic] SharePoint Analytics 101

Use the SharePoint Analytics 101 Infographic to know which metrics are best to start measuring your SharePoint and Office 365 platforms doesn’t always come naturally. By implementing a reporting strategy, Enterprise organisations as well as SMBs can create a plan for monitoring their Adoption levels, Migration processes, Portal Content, Search trends and more. Implementing the necessary key performance indicators (KPIs) should accompany analytics in order to track performance, thus empowering organisations with the intelligent data they need to monitor their portals from a holistic perspective.

Read more about how your organisation can begin measuring your portal to solve important business challenges with Analytics for SharePoint and Office 365. This SharePoint Analytics 101 infographic will walk you through how analytics can help you turn insights into action, to help you build a thriving digital workplace.

SharePoint Analytics 101

SharePoint Analytics 101 Infographic

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