Interview: Cloudy with a Chance of Tapas: AvePoint at European SharePoint Conference 2014

For the third consecutive year, AvePoint is the proud Diamond Sponsor of European SharePoint Conference. Once again, we’re excited to connect with the European Microsoft SharePoint Community at this one-of-a-kind event, and we have some very special plans in store for those who plan to join us in the wonderful city of Barcelona.

We recently touched base with Abi and Jeremy to learn a bit more about their sessions and why they’re excited about the European SharePoint Conference 2014.

What is your European SharePoint Conference 2014 presentation about?
Abi Onifade:My session will cover the latest enhancements to SharePoint Online. I’ll offer guidance on how to make the most of these capabilities and enhancements to support enterprise social and collaboration initiatives that will help organisations throughout Europe be more productive.

Jeremy Thake:  I am presenting on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in SharePoint for developers. I have been working in the development area for more than 10 years – including more than six years in SharePoint development for large organisations – and this presentation really shares a lot of my own experiences as well as those of other experts who are well respected in the industry.

Why did you choose this particular topic for the event?
Abi Onifade: Cloud computing has firmly cemented itself as a viable option for hosting and managing valuable, enterprise SharePoint content. Once the business has made the decision to incorporate cloud computing into its enterprise collaboration strategies, you need to consider how this affects your governance and management strategies. As cloud providers typically limit the amount of control you have over your enterprise data and applications – depending on the subscription model – you will have to revisit how management controls are implemented and maintained. In my session, we’ll review strategies and tools for ensuring your cloud-hosted SharePoint content remains protected and well-managed.

Jeremy Thake:  I find that there are a lot of SharePoint developers out there who still aren’t using source control on their projects – let alone automated builds of solution and application packages with automated deployment and testing. This session really helps to explain why these concepts are important and how easy it is to do with Team Foundation Server Online right now. There are only a few other people in the community who talk about this topic, such as Chris O’Brien and Kirk Evans.

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What is one key takeaway you want attendees to walk away with after the presentation?

Abi Onifade:  My session will help anyone who attends understand best practices, strategies, and tools for managing and protecting cloud-hosted users and content. Knowing these concepts will help ensure organisations remain in compliance with governance policies no matter where their content resides.

Jeremy Thake:  They will understand why it is important that SharePoint developers do not have access to pre-production or production environments. Developers should be handing off all their work to SharePoint administrators with deployment instructions to ensure configuration management is solid and a stable environment is maintained.

Aside from your presentation, what is one thing you’re looking forward to most about European SharePoint Conference 2014?
Abi Onifade:   As always, I look forward to networking with the European SharePoint community and exchanging ideas with other attendees.

Jeremy Thake:  I love getting back to Spain, as my parents lived in Marbella for six years. Spanish tapas are my favourite food…especially while washing them down with a bucket of Sangria!

We look forward to seeing everyone at European SharePoint Conference 2014! Be sure to visit our website and follow us on social media to learn more about our plans for the event.

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