Introducing K2 Connectors for Nintex Workflow Cloud

In October 2020, we made the announcement that Nintex was acquiring K2 Software, Inc. Since then, customers have been curious about how we might begin to combine the capabilities of Nintex Workflow Cloud® and Nintex K2 Cloud. We are excited to announce that two K2 Connectors, one currently available and one coming soon, in Nintex Workflow Cloud. This feature allows two previously independent cloud platforms, Nintex Workflow Cloud and K2 Cloud, to work together within the same automation solution.

Accessing the K2 Connectors

Where are they?

The Nintex K2 Workflow and Task Connector is available now for all users. You will see it in your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant. The Nintex K2 SmartObjects Connector will be available soon, so stay tuned to when that will be released!

How do I use them?

Once available, you can find them on the Nintex Workflow Cloud side menu – expand them to see all of your available options for these connectors.

K2 Workflow and Task Connector

Used to tie together Nintex Workflow Cloud with K2 Cloud Workflows:

Within a Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow, you can initiate or interact with existing K2 Cloud workflows and workflow tasks. This facilitates connectivity between both platforms – allowing a power user to easily work across both product’s comprehensive workflow capabilities.

Examples of usage:

  • Start a K2 Cloud Workflow
  • Complete a K2 Cloud Workflow Task
  • Redirect a K2 Cloud Workflow Task

…and much more!

Introducing K2 Connectors for Nintex Workflow Cloud 1

K2 SmartObject Connector

Allows for Nintex Workflow Cloud to call into a K2 Cloud’s existing SmartObjects. 

Within a Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow, you will be able to initiate a SmartObject Method from any SmartObject previously created on your K2 Cloud environment.  This allows for a Nintex Workflow Cloud workflow to take full advantage of SmartObject reusability – build a single SmartObject and leverage its capabilities on multiple Nintex Workflow Cloud solutions.

Examples of usage:

  • Execute a SmartObject to retrieve, write, delete, update, or list out data.
  • Initiate a Complex SmartObject in one action that updates multiple back-end systems at once.
  • Call a SmartObject to execute a stored procedure in Microsoft SQL Server.

…and much more!

Introducing K2 Connectors for Nintex Workflow Cloud 1

By combining K2 Cloud and Nintex Workflow Cloud, the automation solution possibilities are endless. We’re just getting started, and we can’t wait to show you more capabilities as these products evolve to work better, together!

Interested in using the power of Nintex Workflow Cloud to enhance your business processes? Click here to request a free demo.

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