Introducing Power Wiki!

Today Power Wiki was launched. What is Power Wiki? Power Wiki combines sources for Power Platform related content from Microsoft and from the Community. Search for a topic, get a quick overview and find out where you can go to get more inspiration and find the answers you need. Use the categories in order to find content relevant for you. Point your Power Platform newbie friends to the Glossary. Go to the xRM page and get nostalgic. 

Power Apps page on Power Wiki

Featured Content

The main page contains information about current hot topics ”In the Spotlight” and a section with featured content. First up in the spotlight is the release notes and content from the Community related to it. First up to be featured is Carl Cookson and his XrmToolBox tools.  

Power Wiki
First out to be featured on Power Wiki – Carl Cookson and his XrmToolBox tools!

The Power Wiki Crew is looking forward to featuring more community contributors and their content in the near future!

How it is built up

You have heard of Wikipedia, right? Everyone knows about Wikipedia and how to use that Wiki. Power Wiki is built on the same software, MediaWiki, and works in the way. It has just gotten a slightly different style and there might be MediaWiki extensions that differs but Power Wiki is meant to work similar to Wikipedia. 

You search for topics you want to know more about in the search field. If you don’t have an exact match you will be presented with a list of near matches. If a page is missing for the exact match you will – if you have created an account – have the option to create that page. Everyone is welcome to contribute to Power Wiki!

The menu to the left is built up so that beginners easily can reach the Glossary. Then follows links to a page with Microsoft Docs links and Microsoft Learn. Then follows Microsoft Resources and Community Resources. Community Resources is meant to be a place where you can go to find out what blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels and Twitter accounts to follow.

Power Wiki
Power Wiki menu

There are some more menu items below Community resources and that is MediaWiki specific menu items, e.g. for uploading files to be used on pages, finding recent changes in Power Wiki etc.

Then under each page with a certain topic, there will be specific community content related to the specific topic, have a look at e.g. Virtual Entities. You find these specific topics either by searching the search field or by choosing one of the categories on Power Wiki Main Page (e.g. I’m a Maker, I’m a Dev etc.). This is how it looks under the Virtual Entities page. From there you will find a link to the related topic Custom Data Provider and on that page you can find links to GitHub and code samples from the Community. This was just an example of how I imagine Power Wiki will grow within other topics.

Power Wiki
Microsoft Resources and Community Resources for Virtual Entities

The story behind Power Wiki

The idea of creating a Wiki started back in 2019, I wanted to create something that gathers content, and where you can go to find ”that link” to some content you know that you have seen before or where beginners can go to lookup topics and acronyms. A starting place when you need to look for Power Platform related information. For a long time this idea went under the name Poweripedia, having Wikipedia in mind. Poweripedia eventually became Power Wiki and today, on the 1st of February Power Wiki is officially launched.

Thank you Alexey Shytikov for brainstorming with me and creating the logo and to Benedikt Bergmann for instantly jumping along with my little ”project” with everything from ideas to styling and adding content and thanks Jonas Rapp for being encouraging and for always listening to my ideas. I have also had others along the way who have been brainstorming with me and offered their help. Even though you are operating “in the background” I highly appreciate your help, you know who you are!

YOU are encouraged to contribute! 

The Power Wiki story has just begun, it is far from complete (it never will be). Do YOU know of any piece of information, a hard to find How-To instruction or know of great samples of code or Canvas Apps or cloud flows? Create a Power Wiki account and help us make Power Wiki better! Or just send us an e-mail with suggestions about what to content. Power Wiki also has a Twitter account. Come and say hi!

Happy learning! 

For more great content, check out the Resource Centre

About the Author:

I’m Carina Claesson, a Power Platform Solution Architect living in Sweden. I’ve been working with Dynamics CRM/365 CE since 2009 and with other CRM systems since 2006. During my work days I come across all kinds of tricky things. On this blog I share my findings whenever I believe other people can benefit from it.


Claesson, C. (2021). Introducing Power Wiki! Available at: [Accessed: 2nd March 2021].

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