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When we consider the development of an application on the
SharePoint platform, such as issue tracking, automatically think of
the workflow that will control and manage the lifecycle of
information, in this case, the issues that can occur.

But if we go down a little into the functional requirements we
can see that other elements are almost as important as the
workflow, and this elements need specific solutions and tools for
their resolution.

Let’s go to consider these requirements and their
• First of all we have the workflow that
controls the life cycle of an issue:
o Registration
o Preliminary evaluation
o Resource assignation
o Resolution
o Conclusion
o Publication in the knowledge database (optional).

• In each of these steps you should show a specific form to
the user, with different editable or protected fields and
additional related information. In short we need to have
intelligent forms that assure the input correctly and

• Associated with each issue there is more related
information (documents, tasks to be performed for resolution,
etc.).. All of this information must be showed and maintained
together with their issue (master-detail).

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• The issue will be assigned to different managers
depending on his state. Security changes must be occur over the
time to ensure that only the authorized people have sufficient
privileges to edit it (Dynamic Security).

• Finally we need a monitoring and tracking system that
tells us clearly what happens on our system. Users need customized
views that show issues pending of their intervention and charts
with the key indicators (data access and presentation).

To meet these technical requirements will need to have powerful
tools that allow us to go beyond the basic functionality of the
SharePoint platform without having high expertise.

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