Keeping Technology in Perspective

Are you using technology for technology’s sake?  

What’s the business problem and is the application of new technology helping or hindering. Often we get immersed and excited by emerging technologies, we need to keep the greater goal in mind and ask ourselves is this bringing us closer to that goal. 

Are you empowering or dictating to users? 

Educate how to use the tools rather than define what to do with the tools. If you define what, then that’s the best outcome you can hope for. Teach users how, and you might be surprised with the what they come up with. 

Products, software, technology don’t do the work in your business, people do. 

If people don’t use the technology it will fail. Process and education is in many ways more important than the technology (product/software). Many times I’ve seen old outdated products thrive in a business where newer superior technologies have been introduced and failed. Keep people at the centre and always consider them as a critical part of the system. 

About the Author:

Cameron Dwyer is the Chief Technology Officer at OnePlace Solutions where he oversees a product portfolio focused on the Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint eco-system. With over 20 years’ experience as a developer and consultant in collaboration technologies, Cameron has been actively involved in the SharePoint community since 2007 and is a Microsoft MVP in Office Development. 

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