Live Online Webinar: Make SharePoint SASSy with Stefan Bauer

SharePoint SAS with Stefan Bauer

Title: Make SharePoint SASSy!

Speaker: Stefan Bauer, Information Architect, n8d, Austria.

Date:  Thu, March 10th 2016 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM UTC

CSS can get overly complex and unwieldy very quickly -resulting in thousands of lines of CSS code across many files, yielding errors and becoming a maintenance nightmare! Believe me… there is a better way! SASS (“Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets”) is fast becoming the preferred approach in developing CSS! SASS is an extension to CSS that arms you with programming features, such as variables, functions, loops and many more. Join me to learn SASS and move from a complete novice to someone who knows where SASS fits and how to use it with SharePoint.

In this session, you will learn:
• What SASS is and how to use it.
• How to use SASS to brand SharePoint without requiring lengthy deployments.
• How to create simple rich text editor styles using mix-ins and includes.
• How to apply a grid layout and make it responsive.
• How to structure your branding correctly to make it more maintainable.
• How CSS 4 fits into the picture and its effect on SASS.

The webinar is now online here.

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