Live Webinar Today on SharePoint Authentication and Authorisation

As part of European SharePoint Training Week, join MVP Liam Cleary at 3:00PM GMT as he presents a live webinar on SharePoint Authentication and Authorization. In this informative webinar you will understand base authentication options; select an authentication mechanism based on pros and cons of each and understand the difference between authentication and authorization.

Security within SharePoint has become top priority through the various events that have been seen in the news recently. SharePoint is as secure as you make it and is available as much or as little as you decide. Microsoft documentation clearly defines how to configure and secure your environment, yet there are still many environments that are available for the world to see. In this web session we will look at the core decision for any SharePoint solution, Authentication and Authorizing end users. We will discuss the vast array of options with pros and cons for each option.

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SharePoint Authentication and Authorisation by Liam Cleary

SharePoint Authentication and Authorisation by Liam Cleary

Liam Cleary is a passionate individual who is excited about technology. Over 13 years ago he started his IT Career as an IT Trainer, became a Software Developer, looked after Servers, Firewall, Security and Network Design and Architecture, Consultant for SharePoint, a Principal Consultant for .NET Development and Collaboration and now works as a Solution Architect for SusQtech in Virginia working primarily with Non-Profits and Associations. His core focus as a Solution Architect is to ensure that SharePoint can either natively or with minimal customization meet the business requirement. Liam is also a seven time SharePoint MVP focused on Architecture but also crosses the boundary into Development. He is passionate about all aspects of the SharePoint platform and loves to share the good word. He can often be found at user groups or conferences speaking, offering advice or just spending time in the community.

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