“Long Live Community” Intrazone podcast episode #17


“The Community is both subject matter expert and friend. It is who you can turn to with questions or ask to validate a thought or strategy decision. Community is a familiar face to reach out to and catch up with while you’re on the go. The SharePoint Community is you, us – sharing together.” – Mark Kashman

This week General Manager for the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference, Tracy O’Connell joined Chris McNulty and Mark Kashman along with David Wilhelm of SharePoint Fest for an episode entitled “Long Live the Community” on the Intrazone podcast. Listen to the full episode below.

Tracy and David were invited to discuss what the community means to them and the role their teams play within it.

Contributing to, and being part of, the wider SharePoint Community is something Tracy and the ESPC team are hugely proud of. Whether this is at the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Conference itself or a range of activities throughout the year bringing value to the community is the number one focus.

Each year ESPC gathers SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure professionals from around the world in one European location for 4 days of learning, inspiration and connections.

At the conference ESPC strives to create an environment where the community can interact and engage with each other, both formally in sessions and informally at parties, in the community area and in the EXPO hall. Attendees, vendors, MVPs, RDs and the Microsoft team can all interact, share their solutions and experiences and learn from each other. Everyone has something to offer and the sense of community and togetherness is contagious. Together this helps to further nurture and grow the community spirit and drive individual and collective professional success.

Throughout the year a host of expert content from the community is made freely available on sharepointeurope.com to continue the learning and sharing of ideas, knowledge and answers.

There is something amazing about this community and how people elevate each other at events like SharePoint Saturdays, Ignite, ESPC, ECS and a host of other events across the globe. The spirit, friendliness and cohesiveness create a special bond and the willingness to share is something amazing to be part of – as Jeff Teper says – the best community in tech.

Check out this episode of The Intrazone where Chris Mc Nulty and Mark Kashman address the value of the SharePoint Community, what it means to be a part of it, and how you can join in in-person and online.

Duration: 1hr 17min

  1. Show Intro + Topic of the Week [00:00:00:00]
  2. Guest Perspective – David Wilhelm [00:15:44:00]
  3. Guest Perspective – Tracy O’Connell [00:32:00:00]
  4. SharePoint Fest Community [00:48:00:00]
  5. Ask Microsoft Anything from SPFest Seattle [00:52:00:00]
  6. FAQs of the Week [01:06:40:00]
  7. Upcoming Events [01:12:10:00]
  8. Show Wrap / Outro


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