March’s top SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure resources

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This month’s top blogsSite Design Script with the Modern SharePoint Experience

Site Design & Site Script with the Modern SharePoint Experience

By  Frederic Le Pors

Over the past year, Microsoft has invested a lot in ‘modernizing’ SharePoint with the release of a new development framework: SPFx and modern team sites, communication sites and upcoming hub-sites. This new architecture and UX answer first to an urgent need to catch up with market standards in terms of user experience and development practices. Powell Software CTO, Fred LePors talks about how integrating the Microsoft Site Design & Site Script features gives customers a new way to manager their SharePoint sites – a game changer for SharePoint end-users. – read more

Using Power BI to Report on Multi-Value SharePoint Fields

By John White

Multi value fields are really SharePoint’s way of approximating the behavior of a one-to-many relationship of a relational database. SharePoint can store list-based data, and even though it has the concept of a lookup field, it is not a relational database. Chances are however that if we’re reporting on this type of field, we want it to behave as though it were. Fortunately, Power BI gives us several options for doing this. – read more 

How to create site collections by PowerShell using SharePoint Online Management Shell

By Jeff Angama

Are you migrating from another system and you need to create multiple site collection by PowerShell?

This code covers :

  1. How to connect to office 365 using credentials stored in a text file, so that you don’t have to re-authenticate each time you run it.
  2. Iterate an array of sites URL to be created
  3. Create team sites (template sts). The template id has been found with Get-SPOSite on an existing website. You can create a site manually and find its template this way

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This month’s top eBook 

SharePoint Development with the SharePoint Framework

By Jussi Roine and Olli Jääskeläinen

This exclusive free chapter Introducing SharePoint Online for Developers from SharePoint Development with the SharePoint Framework by Jussi Roine and Olli Jääskeläinen starts by getting you familiar with the basic capabilities of SPFx.

Topics covered:

-What is SharePoint Online?
-Why SharePoint Online?
-Office 365 licensing
-Getting started with SharePoint Online
-Developing solutions for SharePoint Online

read more

This month’s most popular How to Video

How to Activate or Deactivate Site Features in SharePoint 2016

By Asif Rehmani

Depending on your SharePoint Site users needs, there are times you would want only certain features to be available.
As an owner of a Site, you can manage the features –Watch now

This month’s top webinar on-demand

Getting Started with TypeScript and the SharePoint Framework 

By Lieven Iliano

The flexibility and unstructured nature of JavaScript made it easy to code, but it never was easy to maintain and scale.

Key benefits of watching:
– TypeScript language features
– Benefits of TypeScripts
– TypeScript within the SharePoint Framework

Watch now

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