Microsoft FAST versus Google Search Appliance 6.8

We would like to bring to your attention this
interesting Blog, ‘Microsoft FAST versus Google Search Appliance 6.8’ written by Martin Muldoon, Director of
Product Marketing, BA Insight.

I was recently asked to compare Microsoft Search (FAST /
SharePoint Search) to Google’s Search Appliance Version 6.8. Both
companies have solid search technology, but they are approaching
the market very differently. This is reflected in their products
making each better suited for specific types of search

Google shook up the Enterprise Search market back in 2002. The
intent was to provide the market with a search solution that was
easy to install and maintain. Surveys had revealed that generally
speaking, users were not very happy with Enterprise Search. Google
saw this as an opportunity to introduce a simpler search product.
With the wind of Google’s strong brand at its back, the message
resonated and Google quickly gained market share. By 2006 they had
gotten close to entering the visionary Quad of Gartner’s Magic
Quadrant for Information Access.

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