Microsoft Lists Capabilities in a Nutshell

In Microsoft Build 2020, Microsoft announced new smart and flexible Microsoft Lists Capabilities that will be available in June 2020.

In this post, we’re gonna explore Microsoft Lists by explaining the following:

  • 1 What’s Microsoft Lists?
  • 2 What’s Microsoft Lists Home Page?
  • 3 Microsoft Lists Availability
  • 4 Microsoft Lists Demo

What’s Microsoft Lists?

Lists is a Microsoft 365 APP that helps you track and visualize your information and organize your work in a simple, smart, and flexible manner.

Microsoft Lists in a nutshell

Microsoft Lists is a new evolution on top of SharePoint lists, it’s stored in SharePoint sites that can be created and accessed from:

  • New Microsoft Lists home page,
  • SharePoint team site (Modern Experience).
  • Microsoft Teams.
  • Mobile App (IOS).

Lists Capabilities

Using Lists, you will be easily able to

  • Create a blank list and define your own structure, formatting, and data.
  • Create a list from Excel by uploading an Excel file and choose the table of data that you would like to import.
  • Create a list from an existing list with the same structure, formatting, rules, and alerts …etc.
  • Create lists from ready-made templates that come with pre-defined structure and formatting.
  • Track issues, Manage assets, Organize Events, Save contacts, Manage FAQs ..etc.
  • Build customizable views.
  • Set and trigger business rules.
  • Create conditional formatting.
  • Create alerts.
  • Share your list with your team, grant access, and manage permissions.
  • Add comments on the list items level. (these comments are stored within the list schema itself).
  • In comments, you will be able to @mention someone (this user will be notified).
  • Edit and order columns in the form.
  • Show and hide fields in the form based on a specific condition.

What’s Lists Home Page?

It’s a centralized location build on SharePoint for all your Microsoft lists across Microsoft 365.

Through Lists home page, you will be able to 

  • Create lists from scratch or from wide ready-made templates.
  • Manage your lists in one location.
  • Check recent lists, My lists, and favorite lists.
  • Bookmark a list as a favorite list.

Lists Availability

Microsoft Lists Home Page Availability

Currently, the Microsoft Lists (web version) status is under development and as we earlier mentioned, it will be released in June 2020 for the targeted release customer, then to all customers.

Microsoft Lists
Microsoft Lists Availability

Microsoft Lists Home Page APP (IOS) Availability

Regarding Mobile App (IOS), Microsoft Lists Home Page will be released on mobile in Q1 2021.

Microsoft Lists

Where we can find Microsoft Lists Home Page?

As soon as Microsoft Lists will be generally released, you will be able to see the new Microsoft Lists app icon in the Microsoft 365 app launcher like other Microsoft 365 Apps.

Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists Demo

Watch this video to explore the new Microsoft Lists features and capabilities.

Microsoft Lists FAQ

Will Micsorost Lists be available in the classic experience?

As a short answer, NO! Microsoft Lists will be only available in Modern experience, once you move from classic to modern, you will get all the values of Microsoft Lists.

Will SharePoint Classic List be deprecated due to Microsoft Lists?

No, there no plan to deprecate SharePoint Classic List, I don’t think so! Also, Microsoft has not alluded to such a thing.

Where Microsoft Lists are stored?

Microsoft Lists are stored in SharePoint sites, Not in OneDrive!

Can I export Microsoft Lists to Excel?

Yes, you can export Microsoft Lists to Excel.

Can I use Power Automate and Power Apps with Microsoft Lists?

Yes, you can use Power Automate and Power Apps with Microsoft Lists.

Microsoft Lists Vs Microsoft TO-DO?

Simply, Microsoft TO-DO is a task management app for individuals, you can manage your own tasks, track the task progress and status.

In the other hand, Microsoft lists is a work tracking and management app for individual as well as for the team, it’s used to visualize your structured data, build your custom views, rules and custom forms using Power Apps.

Microsoft Lists Vs Microsoft Planners?

Again, Microsoft Planner is a task management app for teams. you can manage and assign tasks to your team members and track the task progress and status.


In conclusion, we have explored the new Microsoft Lists features and capabilities and when it will be released, as well as, we have answered the most popular Microsoft Lists related questions.

Applies To
  • Microsoft 365.
  • Microsoft 365 Apps.
  • Microsoft Lists.

Want to learn more? Check out this video, 3 Questions with Mark Kashman on Microsoft Lists and Files in Microsoft Teams, or watch it below.

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El-Qassas, M. (2020). Microsoft Lists in a nutshell. Available at: [Accessed: 16th July 2020].

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