Microsoft® Technology Center Reduced SharePoint 2010 Migration

Success Highlights
– Reduced total migration time to Microsoft’s internal
hosted SharePoint
2010 environment by two months
– Migrated 12,000 site collections from SharePoint 2007 to
SharePoint 2010
– Transferred approximately 200 lists to SharePoint 2010 while
customizations, metadata, and field values
– Minimized business disruption by scheduling migration jobs
automatically occur off-hours

Customer Profile
Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs) provide organizations
access to
experts to help envision, design, and demonstrate solutions
Microsoft and partner technologies to meet their specific business
There are 11 MTC locations throughout the United States, and an
12 locations worldwide.

The Challenge

The MTC organization has long utilized
SharePoint to provide a central home for its documentation and
partner-related information, as well as a portal for team-wide
collaboration. After the release of SharePoint 2010, the MTC sought
to migrate its content and data from its SharePoint 2007
environment to a Microsoft IT (MSIT) hosted instance of SharePoint
2010. Quickly, the migration team at the MTC knew that they could
not migrate the data stored in SharePoint 2007 directly to this
environment due to restrictions on custom applications in the
hosted service.

Using native Microsoft technology, the
migration team would conduct a database upgrade from SharePoint
2007 to a staging SharePoint 2010 environment, and manually upload
data from SharePoint 2010 onto the MSIT cloud. However, many
customizations and metadata would be lost in the transfer from the
SharePoint 2010 staging farm to
MSIT’s hosted SharePoint 2010 instance. Recreating metadata and
repopulating custom lists from scratch would be extremely time
consuming and resource intensive for the migration team, and
potentially disrupt business productivity at the MTCs worldwide. In
order to quickly migrate to MSIT while maintaining its current
metadata and customizations without harming business continuity,
MTC began its search for a third-party migration

The AvePoint Solution after
researching several third-party solutions, MTC selected AvePoint’s
DocAve Migrator for SharePoint tool. In addition to DocAve
Migrator’s feature set, including full-fidelity content and data
migration as
well as flexible job scheduling, the fact that DocAve Migrator
enabled MTC to create and reuse migration jobs assured MTC they
could confidently reduce the impact on day-to-day business. “Our
mission at MTC is to serve organizations seeking to achieve their
business goals using Microsoft and partner technologies,” said
Chuck McCann, Worldwide MTC Alliances Program Director for
Microsoft. “AvePoint’s DocAve Migrator tool would best help us make
the vital move to our internally hosted, cloudbased SharePoint 2010
instance quickly andefficiently, without distracting us from our

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