Microsoft Tutorials to Enhance Your Tech Skills

Tech skills in the workplace are essential. As a Developer, Business Decision Maker or an IT Professional, you may rely on Microsoft 365 and Azure technologies to carry out essential tasks.  

By attending an ESPC22 tutorial, you can secure yourself the most up to date Microsoft 365 and Azure knowledge allowing your skills to reach whole new levels.

Reach Your Tech Potential

In this blog, 9 Microsoft tutorials are designed for your area of interest. Whether you are a Developer, Business Decision Maker or an IT Professional, you will gain something of tech value from the industry experts. Hot topics to be discussed include SharePoint Framework, Microsoft 365, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Hybrid Work, Azure Arc, Microsoft Viva and Power Apps.  

1. Feel Confident on Extending Microsoft 365 with SharePoint Framework

*Recommended for Developers

Learn what SharePoint Framework is, how to use it to extend the main services of Microsoft 365. Truly understand what the potentials of SPFx are. Learn how to create components for Microsoft Graph, SharePoint Online, or custom application services via secured REST APIs. Read More. 

with Paolo Pialorsi, MVP

2. Find Out How to do Search & Content Assessment in Microsoft 365

*Recommended for IT Professionals

Before you start improving your organization, it’s essential to do a reality check. Understand where your organization is at the moment, evaluate potential improvements and create a plan. Read More. 

with Agnes Molnar, Microsoft RD, MVP 

3. Gain Trust in Microsoft Security

*Recommended for IT Professionals

Do you want to better understand the different Security, Compliance, and Identity in Microsoft cloud? You can discover the basics. Read More. 

with Vlad Catrinescu, MVP, MCT

4. Learn More About AI

*Recommended for Developers

Find out how to leverage intelligent systems powered by the cloud to engage your workforce. AI can augment and enhance how your workforce uses Office 365 and increase productivity. The time is now to embrace the future of AI. Read More. 

with Rick Van Rousselt, MVP, Albert-Jan Schot, MVP, Stephan Bisser, MVP, Thomas Göelles, MVP  

5. Engage in a Hybrid Work Masterclass

*Recommended for Business Decision Makers

Desire to have a hybrid work plan? Discover how you can make hybrid work manageable for you. This tutorial will mix theory and practice to help make hybrid work an engaging experience for you. Read More. 

with Paul Woods

6. Educate Yourself on Azure Arc

*Recommended for IT Professionals

Unsure about managing non-Azure Windows and Linux machines with Azure Arc and Automanage? Learn how to connect machines to Azure Arc, what is a connected machine agent, how to assign tags & explore your server inventory with Azure Resource Graph. Read More. 

with Aleksandar Nikolic, MVP

7. Discover the latest on Microsoft 365

*Recommended for Business Decision Makers

Secure tips and best practices to improve “findability” and information organization and the basic concepts of information architecture. Learn all you need to know about Viva Connections and how it should influence your IA planning. Read More. 

with Susan Hanley, MVP

8. Communicate Effectively with Microsoft Viva

*Recommended for IT Professionals

Improve Employee Experience through greater engagement, supportive knowledge management and automated processes with AI. Learn about how Microsoft Viva and SharePoint Syntex can help you achieve it all. Read More. 

with Zoe Wilson, MVP, Chirag Patel, MVP, MCT,  Kevin McDonnell    

9. Solve Your Business Problems with Power Apps

*Recommended for Developers/Business Decision Makers

Get started with Power Apps and Power Automate, get acquainted with Dataverse, learn how to automate business processes, AI Builder and Model-Driven Apps, and get to know custom connectors. Read More. 

with Ahmad Najjar, MVP, Serge Luca, MVP

Invest in Your Tech Success

It is important to take ownership of your own tech skill development. With the help of the above Microsoft 365 and Azure Tutorials, you will level up in the workplace. 

So why not consider attending an ESPC22 tutorial? The full day expert led masterclasses cover a wide variety of topics catering to your area of interest. 

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