Mike Fitzmaurice, Vice President – Workflow Technology at Nintex, talks about the Evolution of SharePoint and Office365 and how it’s affecting the way we work.

Mike Fitzmaurice at ESPC15

Mike Fitzmaurice at ESPC15

Next interview from Michael Greth from the European SharePoint Conference 2015 in Stockholm is with an old friend of the SharePointPodcast – Mike Fitzmaurice from Nintex, they talk about the evolution of SharePoint and Office365 and how it’s affecting our way we work.

Listen to Michael’s Interview with Mike Fitzmaurice at ESPC15

About Michael Greth

Michael Greth is a well-known speaker, author, consultant and trainer for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies since 2001. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 17 years and leader of the German SharePointCommunity.de. He specialises in SharePoint as a Social Business platform and helping customers to get more value out of their SharePoint implementation. Michael hosts SharePointPodcast.de, the biweekly audio update for SharePoint users and has been blogging since 2003.

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