MS Teams and Guest Accounts (how to leave an organization)

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if you follow only SfB or MS Teams and aren’t deeply involved with Azure AD, you may ask how you can stop seeing some guest access you see in the Teams Account List

Microsoft Guest

For example I’ve access to 4 Teams as Guest, and I want to stop seeing the #1.

Before the 11/5/2018, the answer was a simple no, but recently Microsoft changed it to a YES (Leave an organization as a guest user), let’s see how.

How to leave an organization

  1. Go to this portal and access with your Office365 Account
  2. You will see the full list of Office365 Applications, Azure Portal and Groups you have access to. It’s very useful!

  3. Now click on your Name and Company upper left to open the menu you see below.
    Now click on the “gear” icon

    Gear icon

  4. You will see the list of every Company your account have access to.
    Click on “Sign in to leave organization” to the Company you want to REFER

    Sign in to leave organisation

  5. Now, click again on your Name and Gear
    Name and gear

    Name and gear

  6. You will see the “Leave organization” command. Click it to proceed.
  7. Read the alert and click on Leave


  8. After few minutes the “leaved” Company disappear from the list.
    Repeat the process for every company you want to leave.


I think this is a great improvement on the “Personal Data Management” argument.
Thanks Microsoft!


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Vitali, L. (2019). MS Teams and Guest accounts (how to leave an organization). Available at: [Accessed: 1st July 2019]

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