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Naomi Moneypenny

Naomi Moneypenny – MVP

Passion. Perspective. Possibilities. These three P’s help to describe the point of sharing and why I’m truly honored to be a part of the SharePoint & Office 365 community. From speaking at community events in cities as diverse as Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Kingston (Jamaica) to large conferences such as ESPC14 in Barcelona, the opportunity to connect with you – end users, business managers, developers, IT Pros and every variation in between is what drives me to continually contribute and learn. The opportunity to travel has really meant a lot to me, to see what people are doing with the technologies we all work with every day. And it’s provided me with a never-ending source of James Bond jokes & stories to entertain audiences with along the way!

In our community, I’m probably most well-known for my extensive Yammer & Enterprise Social expertise, but my real job (for more than a decade) has been in machine learning and anticipatory computing – systems that learn from how you use them, so they can discover expertise and knowledge that you need, when you need it. I have over 30 patents in this area and my astrophysics background makes me a vector math nerd tooJ. Which turns out to be very useful in machine learning. While I know that we hear a lot of hype about machine learning and artificial intelligence, we really are in the moment in time before the graph in computing intelligence turns into a hockey stick shape.  And of course, even in the SharePoint and Office 365 space we see the beginnings of that revolution with capabilities in OfficeGraph that will change how we search, explore and surface information from many sources.

Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow

This is a really tough one to answer, there are so many amazing people in the community! And I’m going to cheat a little bit and have 10 people who should get more love than they currently do, and who predominantly tweet about technology.

Passionate About SP/O365:






Great People at Microsoft:

Modern approvals in Office 365 with Power Automate and Microsoft Teams





A Featured Video for the ESPC Community

I have to shout out the CollabTalk panel here, once a month 4 MVPs, Christian Buckley, Benjamin Niaulin, Marc Anderson and I get together to talk about the latest developments and hot topics in Office 365 and SharePoint. Check out the first episode here and join us monthly, February 24 is the next one.

Some Top Resources I Find Highly Beneficial

Instead of recommending static content here, I’m going to recommend that you join two Yammer networks instead to keep up to date on all the announcements and also to share the community spirit we all find so valuable. The Microsoft Office 365 Network has over 50,000 people on it (I co-admin the Yammer Help group , the OneDrive for Business and Future of Work group so join those groups!) and then SPYam – the SharePoint network by the community for the community on Yammer, where I co-admin the network with Joel Oleson and Noah Sparks.

Cool SharePoint Tool

Check out Synxi – intelligent expertise graphing based on what you and your colleagues actually do and contextualized knowledge discovery for SharePoint 2010, 2013 and beyond.

And if you use Yammer at your organization and want to drive more adoption and engagement, you should try Streaming It Out Loud!

My Writing

My blog is at ( and I blog on wide range of topics, from enterprise social adoption, developing apps for Yammer to the future of SharePoint 2016. I love to read your comments and to connect.

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