10 Reasons Why the New UDOCX Scanning App Rocks – The Top 5

After introducing our new UDOCX Scan-to-SharePoint App a few
weeks ago I’m happy to see that a lot of customers are already
taking advantage of it.

I have summed up the top 10 reasons why I think the new
Scan-to-SharePoint UDOCX App rocks:
1. Ease of use
2. Time Saving
3. Fault free submissions
4. Departmental Scanning
5. OCR and Workflow integration
6. Productivity
7. Authentication and security
8. Flexibility
9. Cost Savings
10. It is an app on a multifunctional device

It today’s article I will start with my Top 5
1. Ease of use
Using the Scan-to-SharePoint App is like having a
speed-dial button on your MFP.  Take a look at the following
screenshot.  Could we make it any easier?  You are only
one click away from digitizing physical documents and automatically
storing them in a predefined SharePoint folder.


2. Time Saving
Employees, for whom scanning is an integral part of their
daily work, waste a lot of time getting their physical documents
digitized (scanned) and stored into the correct SharePoint
folders.  They often need to scan documents on multifunctional
devices, send them to their own mailbox, save the documents, rename
and only then store them to correct SharePoint folder.  This
multi-step process is inefficient, takes a lot of time, and is
prone to error as you can imagine.  Using the
Scan-to-SharePoint App you just scan your document, rename it on
the display, and it is scanned directly to the correct SharePoint
folder.  Break out your stop watch and compare it for
yourself.  You’ll be amazed!

3. Fault-Free Submissions
Configuring your own customized Scan-to-SharePoint App
through the UDOCX Administrator Portal is easy and makes it
virtually impossible for your users to scan documents to wrong
SharePoint destinations or folders, ensuring both efficiency and

4. Departmental Scanning
The Scan-to-SharePoint App is useful for departments with
repetitive scanning tasks that initiate further processing and
workflows.  Think of the Finance Department scanning new
orders or Human Resources processing insurance forms.
The Scan-to-SharePoint App is visible as one of the buttons on the
UDOCX display.  Multiple Apps may be configured simultaneously
utilizing any naming convention that your organization or
department finds useful and intuitive.

5. OCR and Workflow integration
The UDOCX Scan-to-SharePoint-App turns scanned documents
into archive-ready, searchable PDF files by “OCR-ing” the scanned
images.  OCR (Optical Character recognition) is widely used to
convert documents into electronic files, digitizing business
records for easy retrieval and archiving.
OCR creates text that is editable, searchable, and easy to archive
in a compact or highly compressed form.  Text data may be
displayed or copied without any of the typical scanning artifacts
and may also be manipulated by computer applications for a variety
of purposes including language translation, text-to-speech, data
mining, etc.
Physical documents that are scanned with the UDOCX system
automatically have OCR applied so that they can be copied, indexed
and easily retrieved via Microsoft SharePoint or used to initiate
business workflows.  Documents such as purchase orders,
contracts, contract renewals, life insurance data, healthcare
information, HR resumes, etc., are often processed this way.

6. Productivity
The ability to scan and route documents with speed and accuracy and
incorporate those digitized documents into business workflows makes
your employees more productive, allowing them to focus on other
business relevant activities instead of mindless, repetitive

7. Authentication and security
UDOCX offers support for domain-level authentication and
security requiring users to provide either their full credentials
or login name/PIN code to access the service.  All Exchange
and SharePoint access via UDOCX utilizes these credentials, thus
ensuring that your end-users have the same functional access from
the MFP as they would from their workstations – no more and no

8. Flexibility
Organizations can start with one UDOCX Scan-to-SharePoint
App on one multifunctional device but they can easily roll out
UDOCX and its different applications to a whole fleet of
MFP’s.  UDOCX is a cloud-based subscription service with plans
that can be easily modified as your requirements change.

9. Cost Savings
UDOCX and its applications are based on a monthly
subscription pricing model which means that the costs are very low
and manageable.  As it is a cloud-based solution organizations
do not have to purchase or maintain expensive software solutions
and can save up to 40% on software investments and reduce their
maintenance costs by up to 90%.

10. It is an app on a multifunctional

Everyone is talking about apps for smart tablets or smart phones
but we are talking about apps for your multifunctionals. I think
that is pretty cool .


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